How did Monica afford the rent of their apartment at FRIENDS?

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Monica’s “Friends” apartment is unmistakably iconic. It has all the elements of the perfect apartment that someone who wants to live in New York or anywhere else wants, from the purple walls to the wide-open floor plans or the magnificent balcony with the terrace. Monica’s place holds a great deal of the action during the episode, giving fans more than enough time to enjoy their perfect apartment — and ask how Monica provides such a wonderful place.

We all know that New York City is not the cheapest city to live in, and even back in the nineties, the apartment will have a high price. You will then mention that for the first couple of years, the roommate of Monica, Rachel, has only been a waitress with her. How were they renting? Later, while staying in the flat, Monica and Chandler were faced with joblessness. As the series continued, it was becoming increasingly apparent how exactly they afforded this luxurious apartment.

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But this is not a plot hole, believe it or not. The authors of the show indeed considered and discussed this issue in the show. Thanks to her grandmother, Monica pays a rent-controlled amount.

According to CNBC, Monica’s flat will cost about $4,500 a month, very high prices in 2018. And Cheat Sheet reports that the price will amount to approximately $2,500 in the nineties, an unbelievably costly apartment still being used by one of the friends at the time—all of whom, except Ross, struggled to afford it sometime during the 10 season display.

Answer from the show? Rent control – however unlawful. Rent control. In Season 4, the landlady, Mr Treeger, is threatening expulsion, showing that he allowed Monica (and her different colleagues) to take over from the deceased grandmother of Monica, who was the one to benefit from rent control (obviously, this being a sitcom, they find a way around this, through Joey teaching the landlord how to dance.)

Thanks to the rental control, how much were they getting. According to Julep and the CNBC mentioned above report, the rent from Monica for the entire period of “Friends” was just $200 a month, based on the stabilisation since the 1940s.

When Chandler says it was “a robbery” because of the rent control, he didn’t lie in the final season.

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