How Do You Have a Successful WiFi Installation for an Event?

WiFi Installation

WiFi installation for a major event can be challenging. However, WiFi is necessary and even needed for certain activities. When hosting an event, especially if the venue is large, your WiFi coverage may get limited. Nonetheless, offering WiFi services may add glam and function to your event. 

Temporary event WiFi installation allows you to set up WiFi networks where the event is being held, whether for 100 or 10,000 participants. WiFi installations are not a DIY project and are best left to professionals. However, you must be present to ensure that your requirements are met. If you are to assist the WiFi providers, take the following suggestions:

Know Your Venue

To have adequate WiFi, you must first get a good idea of the layout of your location. You must know the size and shape of your venue, and your installers should visit it for them to understand how to go about the WiFi installation. Consider the location of the access points. It should be placed as high as possible to have the best reach. Find out if there are any dead spots so solutions can be made.

If you’re doing an outside event, make sure that there are no obstructions that can block the WiFi signal. The WiFi frequency can be affected by people, furniture, and architecture, and microwave interference. Consider supplying power sources for charging devices, which is especially necessary if you are hosting conferences that last longer than a few hours.

Explicitly tell your WiFi provider if your event depends on internet connectivity. Make sure they have a contingency plan in place. Failure to provide the promised network would reflect poorly on you as an event organiser and would leave a disappointed audience.

Understand Your Crowd

To figure out how much bandwidth you’ll need, you need an estimate of how many people will be attending the event. You also need to know their demographics — are they young and tech-savvy or older ones who do not use portable devices. Then make an estimation of how many of them will be connecting to your network. 


You’ll have to set up a secure network. You can make a list of pages that you want to ban and make sure that people can’t upload viruses to your network.

Managing the Network During Your Event

Technicians to handle your bandwidth should be able to be provided by your event WiFi providers. The demand for your event’s WiFi facilities will fluctuate, so technical personnel can keep track of it. Taking into account these factors would give your event WiFi providers a clear sense of what you need and how to better deliver it so that you have a solid and secure link at your event.

Free or paying WiFi connectivity is always a major draw for visitors, and it’s often necessary for attendees or hosts to work, write, study, or give presentations. The introduction of event WiFi installation may be required for promotional purposes. This is since a press presence can necessitate WiFi access for publishing, and WiFi access may contribute to marketing with the use of social media by your guests.


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