How Dylan O’Brien’s Perfect Social Network Parody Came Together


Jesse Eisenberg’s The Social Network drama film marked the 10th anniversary this month. He played the exceptional role of Mark Zuckerberg, who creates a popular social media website with his friends’ assistance. Recently, a viral recreational video of this film went viral. Yes, we are talking about Dylan O’Brien and Sarah Ramos, who remade a swoon-worthy clip this year.

The viral video just blew up the internet, and netizens still can’t stop applauding Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner star. The duo recreated a memorable scene from the film between Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, as well as Justin Timberlake. And you won’t believe that the pair gave a tribute to the movie by shooting it at their homes.

Dylan played as Eduardo Saverin, who is one of the co-founders of the social media website, Facebook. And recently, Dylan spoke about the 87-second video to his fans. He said that he and his good friend Sarah (Ramos) began their quaranscenes when the pandemic started.

They decided to do it together, where Sarah sent him a lot of content. And Dylan liked one iconic scene from the film, which was brilliantly portrayed by Garfield. 

So they began working on it and discussed it on FaceTime. Dylan said that after picking the scene, Sarah stated that they should recreate that scene. Dylan was so into the scene, and it could be seen in the clip itself. He shot thirteen takes of his parts, then Sarah decided to pick the scene where Dylan looked more invested.

He further explained that in one emotional teary scene, he thought went too far. To his surprise, Sarah picked that same scene and forwarded the cut. Dylan surprisingly replied to her that she took the tears scene.

He went to talk about Sarah and said that when she has an idea, she sticks to it. He continued that it was fun to shoot a scene at home after not doing much for a little while. If you haven’t seen Dylan O’Brien’s quaranscene, then you can watch the emotional scene below.

The scene looks Oscar-worthy, no? The video crossed more than 2 million views and even the actor Andrew Garfield, who played the role of Eduardo Saverin. Though he is not using social media, he texted Lin-Manuel Miranda to reach out to Dylan O’Brien for his beautiful performance. 

Final Words

Fans are happy to see Dylan working very hard to play the role of the 2010 film. And the best part is that he filmed an emotional sequence in 13 takes in his home without any crew, but only one camera. It is quite an achievement for the actor. Dylan’s new film called Love and Monsters is available on PVOD, which is streaming now on the website. You can watch the trailer of the Love and Monsters below about Dylan O’Brien.

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