How Each Original MCU Avenger Fits Into Marvel Phase 4?



  • As Phase 3 ended, fans are expecting to see old characters in Phase 4.
  • Only a few heroes like Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America will appear in the next phase.
  • Some of the heroes will pass their powers to the other characters to continue the legacy.

Inside Story

The team of Avengers looks quite different after Endgame. But some sources reveal that Phase 3 superheroes will play a significant role in Phase 4. It was Nick Fury’s idea to form Avengers after approaching Tony Stark. Now, MCU was slowing teaming up all the characters and leading their ways towards Avenger membership.

It has been eight years since Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow became a team. Later on, Marvel added other superheroes to the rooster, which includes Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man.

But the films were always centered around the first six members of the Avengers. After the Endgame, some members retired, some faded away, and some died.

The first Marvel team has drawn a line after Endgame, and MCU is all set to introduce new heroes in Phase 4. The senior heroes will play a meaningful role in the future, and some will still be remembered without making an appearance in the franchise. Let’s check out the list of characters that will have a significant influence on Phase 4.

Iron Man

When Iron Man died, it had all the grown men silently weeping in the theaters. But do you think this was the end of Tony Stark in Marvel? Not exactly, because his influence was highlighted in the Spider-Man: Far From Home.

It showed how the world was trying to move on after Tony’s death. From Spider-Man’s outfit to the villain, everything had a touch of Tony Stark.

Marvel is heading into Phase 4, but the character will continue to haunt his old friends, teammates, and workers. His impact upon MCU will be felt in upcoming films like Black Widow, another MCU Spider-Man movie, Thor: Love & Thunder. In the future, we can expect Ironheart to become Tony’s successor.

Captain America

In the ending scene of Endgame, Steve Rogers returned to the present as an aged man. He lived happily with Peggy Carter in the past. It was an emotional farewell of a superhero after Iron Man in MCU. Instead of Bucky Barmes, his shield got passed to Sam Wilson. Now, we can expect few appearances of Steve Rogers in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

But Captain America was the first appointment by the US government, but Rogers rebelled against them and built his legacy. So in present, they claim the property and create John Walker as the new Captain America and control him. We might see Sam Wilson fighting, the rightful heir against John Walker, the false Captain Marvel.

Black Widow

Just like Rogers and Stark, Black Widow’s chapter was closed after Endgame. She sacrificed herself to gain a yellow stone and to reverse the past. Natasha will return in a new Black Widow film, which will be set after Captain America: Civil War. This Phase 4 movie is scheduled to release in this year.

Fans will get to know how she became the Black Widow in the past. There are some speculations that  Florence Pugh’s Yelena will replace her and continue the journey as the new Black Widow. She is another skilled assassin of the Red Room.


Thor is going to return in Phase 4 in Thor: Love & Thunder, which will release in 2022. In the Endgame, Thor left his fellow Asgardians in the hands of Valkyrie. He decides to travels along with the Guardians of the Galaxy in their new adventures. 

It is the only solo Avengers film in Phase 4 to take place in the present. We can expect new villains and new characters such as Adam Warlock and Beta Ray Bill. Natalie Portman will reprise her role as Jane Foster. Thor will give his powers to her, marking her his successor after he leaves Earth. We will also see him again in Phase 4’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.


Hawkeye has retired and is back to his family. The archer will be entering Phase 4 in the upcoming Disney+ TV series. Clint Barton will pass the torch to the new character named Kate Bishop. He will give her bow and arrow knowledge and accompany her in missions. We can expect Hawkeye’s influence to continue in more new projects of Kate Bishop. 


Bruce Banner won’t have any solo films in Phase 4 due to licensing arrangements with Universal. We can expect him to appear in future films in the hero team-ups or supporting roles.

The only way for Bruce Banner to return in Phase 4 is through Disney+ She-Hulk series. Even if Mark Ruffalo doesn’t appear in future films, he will influence the series through his emerald-colored cousin Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany). 


It is disheartening to see the Avengers team disband like this. But we will still see some of them or feel their presence in Phase 4 along with new superheroes. We will let you know if he gets any recent updates about new characters in Phase 4. So stay tuned!


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