How Matthew Willig Prepared To Play Andre The Giant In Young Rock

Courtesy: Looper

As we know during The Rock’s childhood one-third of the Young Rock that took we saw in the early 1980s. So far we see how young Dewei started interacting with all his father’s prominent associates. This list of associates includes the Iron Sheik, Macho Man Randy Savage, Junkyard Dog and Andre the Giant the big man. 

Moreover, what we are going to see next is the future Fezzik which will be played by former offensive tackle and the popular actor Matthew Willig. 

On a short conversation with the journalist, Willig said he didn’t up watch wrestling. But when he saw Andre’s status holding a stand as a cultural icon surpasses the ring. He added that he knew what’s his role and also his persona seeing his past that helps him analysing some of the popular stories he acted in.

He further added for this role he just starting analysing everything about Andre’s life by digging into his past. He thought he will do it and he did it. As per his statement, he watched almost all his wrestling matches to get a clear idea about his gesture.

Courtesy: HITC

Willing as per his words watched almost all Andre’s interview not only once but for probably a million number of times. This because he wants to get the appropriate idea of how Andre talks or his speaking style. Willing views were clear to capture Andre’s everything in his role. 

This is all we know how Willing tries his best to get appropriate in Andre’s role of The Giant. Are you eager to see Willing in this role? Let us know and also suggest to us what to bring next.


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