How Naruto changed since Shippuden in the new Boruto series

Courtesy: Comic Book

Just like every Shonen protagonist, Naruto is much of a fictional character like every other Shonen protagonist of famous animes like One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia.

A secret tip to make an anime boom up in the industry is by making the main character as much likable as you can. Naruto follows the same pattern as mentioned followed back. Naruto is a great, goofy, and epic character in the anime universe which makes him one of the most liked characters in the anime fandom.

Naruto: Our favorite:

Another reason why Naruto is the most loved character of all time is that he exhibits great speeches and noble goals and journeys. Throughout the whole Naruto story, during several battles and fight scenes, Naruto gives them great and touching speeches about his or their condition which makes anyone’s heart melt of fire up.

The new series of Naruto called Boruto is about Naruto’s next generations and mainly shows naruto’s adulthood and his son Boruto and his friends. 

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Naruto has become less talkative:

Due to Naruto not being the main focus of the show, then we are afraid but we aren’t gonna get any impassionate speeches or heart-touching sayings by the one and only Naruto Uzumaki.

Courtesy: Comic Book

We can see Naruto leaving many great traits of him which can be the reason for him not getting much focus. Naruto’s approach to any battle is not stated like it used to do. We can see the lack of Naruto’s punchlines and his great entries which is not much of a problem as of course, Boruto is the main focus of the show.

For example, let’s take a look at the fight of Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki, both of them quickly jump into action, without the old Naruto and Sasuke speeches nor entries. This can also be elaborated as they are now not teenagers like they used to be but they are now adults and their behavior can result in Konoha being destroyed or their family getting hurt.

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