How NCIS Fans Really Feel About Jeanne Benoit

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The primary cast of “NCIS” gets a great deal of adoration from the fanbase, yet we should not fail to remember the many supporting players that have shown up on the show all through its 18 season long (and then some) run. Truth be told, you could make the contention that visitor stars like Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano) are nearly as basic to the show as a portion of the arrangement regulars. However, for every one of the cherished supporting characters “NCIS” has had, there are nearly as numerous that fans aren’t exactly so enamored with.

One such “NCIS” character who was practically pre-bound to be disputable is Jeanne Benoit (Scottie Thompson). The little girl of infamous arms seller René Benoit otherwise known as La Grenouille (Armand Assante), she was first presented in Season 4 when Tony was entrusted with going secret as her sweetheart to draw nearer to her criminal dad. Obviously, keeping one’s heart out of such undertakings is more difficult than one might expect. Tony and Jeanne created certified affections for one another, prompting an excruciating split when she found the genuine explanation they began dating in any case.

The character has since a long time ago lingered as a troublesome figure in the “NCIS” being a fan, which drove Reddit clients to begin a string that posed the inquiry, “For what reason do individuals disdain Jeanne?” They got a wide assortment of reactions, which help focus some light on one of the arrangement’s most dubious figures.


A few fans don’t adore that Jeanne hindered Tiva

In their initial message, u/youngclarky noticed that they had seen “heaps of remarks on Youtube recordings and stuff saying that they despised Jeanne yet why.” Several analysts rushed to offer one exceptionally basic arrangement. As u/gp-mr put it, “I think the vast majority likewise detested her bc she was ‘in the method’ of Tony and Ziva.”

Taking into account how basic Tony and Ziva’s (Cote de Pablo) drawn-out heartfelt bend was to the early periods of “NCIS,” it’s to be expected to feel that Tony’s hoax relationship with Jeanne would raise the temper of some stalwart Tiva fans. Reddit user sent in to say, “I concur!” in light of u/gp-mr’s hypothesis, however followed up by explaining, “I additionally don’t care for her that much since I love ziva and tony, yet I don’t despise her. What’s more, I can’t censure her for anything … In any case, I’m happy that it wound up that way so that tony could get along with ziva.”

Client u/MadBats was likewise not keen on allotting fault to Jeanne for Tiva’s for some time deferred coupling. They expressed, “Well that is simply moronic. on the off chance that they need to fault anybody they should censure Gibbs for his ‘never date a colleague’ rule. Or on the other hand even the journalists who go through 7 years prodding a sentiment …”

Thus, Tiva radicals just record for a bit of the Jeanne haters of the world. Different clients raised one more factor concerning why they aren’t ready for the character.

Others resent with the way that she outlined Tony for homicide

While nobody can reject that Jeanne ended up in a disturbing situation through no shortcoming of her own, a few fans hopped into the remarks to bring up one specific detail of her circumstance with Tony that they found questionable. To be specific the way that in the Season 5 scene “Inside Affairs,” Jeanne endeavors to outline Tony for her dad’s homicide.

For some fans, that unfounded allegation took things excessively far. The user expressed, “Benoit outlined a guiltless man for homicide. She LIED to examiners (a felony) and languished no punishment over it.” Meanwhile, u/Kaylarmagic was somewhat more thoughtful, saying, “I didn’t abhor her at all really.” However, even they conceded, “Abhorred that she attempted to outline Tony however.”

Client u/jayt00212 saw everything a touch all the more clinically. They clarified, “I never loathed her. Life occurs and that is chaotic … She was sorrowful and wrongly accused Tony of her dad’s homicide consequently not prevailing upon anybody. To put it plainly, this was bound to end gravely and it did.”

Between being a wedge in Tiva and nearly getting Tony tossed behind bars, it’s justifiable why some “NCIS” have muddled sentiments about Jeanne. Notwithstanding, likewise addressed in the Reddit string were the individuals who appreciate the character as well as might suspect she’s truly outstanding in the whole arrangement.

In spite of her haters, Jeanne has a lot of fans

In spite of the fact that there is obviously a specific measure of Jeanne slamming going on in the “NCIS” being a fan, not every person is substance to bounce on board that fad. A few fans utilized the string as a chance to stand up against the predominant story and pronounce that they really enjoyed the personality of Jeanne a great deal.

Client u/Gndurham1 remarked, “I generally enjoyed her. Furthermore, it made me miserable that Tony never came clean with her.” Another Jeanne fan was a/ reddit user, who expressed, “She was an extraordinary character. You could feel the satisfaction they had when together just as the displeasure, disdain, and distress when she discovered reality.”

Furthermore, u/johninga even ventured to such an extreme as to say, “She was an incredible side character throughout the entire existence of NCIS.”

Despite the fact that a significant part of the discussion around Jeanne comes from a position of antagonism, the way that she motivates such countless contradicting perspectives just offers belief to u/johninga’s contention. She might be a disputable character, however she’s unmistakably one that has caught the consideration of “NCIS” fans.


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