How ‘Reflection’ from ‘Mulan’ became Christina Aguilera’s big break


Welcome back, folks! Here we are with the exciting update related to the much loved and gifted singer, Christina Aguilera, who had been cast as the singing voice for the adaptation of Disney’s animated classic movie Mulan. The story revolves around the eldest daughter of a warrior who is sick with illness and how she disguises herself as a man to fill in her father’s shoes and joins the army.

We are here to discuss the recent trail of tweets and the big news surrounding her about how “Reflection” from the first animated classic was her “big break” from more than two decades ago when she was just 16 years old and a former Disney Mouseketeer. When the news about the possible remake of the Disney animation movies hit, fans were more than excited about it but owing to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic that broke out all across the world, the film’s release was postponed by Disney much to our dismay.

Mulan, which premiered in March, will have Christina Aguilera singing yet another beautiful song which is sure to make the audiences all over the world nostalgic.

The new movie which will feature her singing an original ballad titled “Loyal Brave True”, is also centered around the themes of vulnerability, tenacity, and resolution. She talks about the song and says she is very much pleased with the song and relates to the song and the warrior princess, Mulan, who is portrayed as a strong-willed, resolute and fearless, and beautiful character.

Talking to an interview she mentioned that she feels delighted to be able to be a part of the movie once again. The singer, who is now 39, feels fortunate that she could come back to where it all began and that this was what made her career.

The first demo of the song “Reflection” that she sang for the animation movie was very well received and lives on even today. The success that she gained with “Reflection” opened up many doors of opportunities for her and led her to where she is now. She later signed with RCA and released her single “Genie in a Bottle” in 1999.

Ever since Christina’s rendition of the song released on the 28th of August on Youtube, the song earned more than over 6 million views and we as the audience have been loving it too.

Mulan also includes a new version of “Reflection” that she records and explains how she was able to include her two kids this time around as they were able to witness her record this version even though they weren’t able to attend the premiere.

We have always been a fan of Disney. And, especially excited about the soundtrack as Disney has always been able to entertain us with lovely songs, and can’t picture anyone else in place of Christina Aguilera as the voice of Mulan.

Let us know what you think! Stay tuned with us for more exciting updates.


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