How To Become A Moonshiner: A Guide To Thriving In The Underground World

How to Become a Moonshiner

There are various roles and careers to pursue in the large and engrossing world of gaming. A Moonshiner is someone who works secretly and intriguingly in this line of work. Playing as a Moonshiner immerses gamers in the world of criminal activity and bootlegging in games like Red Dead Online. 

In this article, we’ll offer you an in-depth rundown on how to become a moonshiner, including with details on the advantages of the job, what you’ll actually be doing, how to make money, and how to gain experience.

How To Become A Moonshiner

Being a Moonshiner is a fun task that must be performed in Red Dead Online in order to attain the role. You should take the following actions to start your adventure as a Moonshiner.

Obtain The Role Of A Bounty Hunter: 

The Bounty Hunter role must first be attained in order to unlock the Moonshiner role. Work your way up to rank 5 in the Bounty Hunter job.

Go To A Shack: 

Visit the nearest shack shown on your map if you have attained Rank 5 in the Bounty Hunter role. Speak with the enigmatic Maggie Fike, who will acquaint you with the moonshining industry.

You May Buy The Moonshiner Role Here: 

Engage in conversation with Maggie Fike to exchange 25 gold bars for the Moonshiner job. After making the purchase, the Moonshiner position will become available, allowing you to launch your moonshining operation.

What Does The Role Unlock?

When you unlock the Moonshiner job, a number of intriguing features and opportunities become available to you, including:

  • Moonshine Hut 

Purchase your own Moonshine Shack, a covert location where you may make and sell your moonshine. Upgrade and personalize your shack to improve operations.

  • Moonshining Industry: 

You will engage in a number of tasks and objectives related to making and delivering moonshine as a moonshiner. Expand your empire by taking part in story-driven missions and overcoming obstacles.

  • Recipes For Special Moonshine: 

Learn how to make unusual moonshine recipes to create one-of-a-kind mixtures that are in high demand. To draw in discriminating customers, try out various ingredients and flavors.

What Do You Actually Do?

Your main goal as a moonshiner is to make excellent moonshine and deliver it to eager clients. The following duties will be part of your routine operations:


Take on numerous tasks to help your moonshine operation. These missions could consist of:Investigate the globe to find the necessary ingredients for your moonshine concoctions.

Distillation And Production: 

In your moonshine shack, keep an eye on the production and distillation process. Make sure your moonshine is the best possible.

Delivery And Transport: 

While avoiding other bootleggers and law enforcement, deliver your moonshine safely to various locations and to customers.

How Do You Make Money?

If managed properly, moonshining can be a successful business enterprise. Here are some ways to become a moonshiner and earn money:

  • Alcohol Sales: 

Create your moonshine and market it to consumers. Your income will depend on the caliber and diversity of your moonshine. For the best income, deliver your moonshine within the allotted time frame.

  • Extracurricular Activities:

To make extra money, take on various tasks including moonshine-related challenges and bootlegging assignments.

How Do You Earn Experience?

A successful Moonshiner must have both progression and experience. You can gain experience for the Moonshiner role in the following ways:

  • Production Of Moonshine: 

Gaining experience points from making and selling moonshine will let you level up and access new content.

  • Mission Accomplished: 

You will receive experience points for successfully fulfilling missions and objectives.

Connecting To The Article On “How To Start Moonshine RDR2”

Let’s go on to a compelling tale that ties in with the How to Start Moonshine RDR2” essay. A talented and driven Moonshiner named Jack ‘Whisky’ Malone became well-known in the depths of the Old West. 

Jack developed his moonshining abilities from humble beginnings, honing special concoctions that mesmerized everyone who tried his moonshine.

The Moonshine Kingpin became interested after hearing about Jack’s excellent moonshine when it spread like wildfire. Jack was given the chance to join an exclusive, covert society of moonshiners by the Kingpin after he was informed of his skill. 

Jack accepted the Kingpin’s invitation after being seduced by the idea of endless possibilities and dove headfirst into a world of covert operations, complex connections, and exhilarating adventures.

While crossing hazardous terrain and outwitting rival bootleggers, Jack expanded his moonshining empire with the help of the Moonshine Kingpin. Jack rose to legendary status as his notoriety and reputation for producing superior moonshine and unmatched knowledge of the craft expanded.


In games like Red Dead Online, becoming a Moonshiner delivers a distinctive and immersive experience. The realm of moonshining is waiting for those ready to set out on this amazing journey, from unlocking the role to engaging in various missions and activities. 

Learn the techniques for producing great moonshine, creating an empire, and overcoming the difficulties that the underworld presents. So grab your stills, gather your supplies, and take over the wild west as the moonshine king.

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