How to download the “Naan Sirithal” movie?

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If you are an immense Tollywood lover and want to watch “Naan Sirithal” by downloading it from the internet, then you are at the right place. Many sites will direct you to fake links and will corrupt your system. 

But in this article, we will provide you all with genuine links which will help you to download a movie and watch it for free.

Before everything, we will let you know something about the newly released movie. So, let’s get started!

About “Naan Sirithal”:

Released a year back on 14th February, “Naan Sirithal” is called “When I Laugh” in English. Starring Hip-hop Tamizha Aadhi and Iswarya Menon in lead roles, the movie became a blockbuster hit under the guidance of Raana. 

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The essence of “Naan Sirithal”:

The film has picturized all sorts of emotions including romance, friendship, family love, and all other themes which are very important components of life. The chemistry of son and father will make you emotional. 

Whereas the love between male and female lead will blow your heart out and make you believe in love again. 

The songs are marvelous and you also should give them a try. 

Trailer of “Naan Sirithal”:

An audience always watches the trailer before watching his favorite movie. Here it holds too. The trailer of “Naan Sirithal” was released a few days back before the release of the movie which was appreciated very much by Tamil movie fans. 

Here is the link which will show you the trailer. Just tap on the link to enjoy: 

How to download “naan Spiritual”?

Now the main thing comes that how can you download your favorite movie and watch it for free in 1080p, 720p, and 480p. Either you all have to watch it by downloading an application from the Google Play Store.

Or Another thing you all can do is to go to multiple sites and get it done at the cost of your internet. The name of the sites are:

  • Tamilrockers 
  • Filmywap
  • Filmyzilla

The site has linked the page to download the movie with very much ease and comfort. To make it easier and more comfortable, we are giving you the link for direct reach to that page.

If you all are not comfortable with these links and their content, no need to worry about them. There are some keywords that you all can sefor arch and get your movie downloaded in just a matter of minutes.

On different sites, the movie is dropped in different quality like, “Naan Sirithal” in 480p, “Naan Sirithal” in 720p, and so on.

Beware of fake links!

Source: YouTube

Casts and characters of “Naan Sirithal”:

Tamil Comedy is loaded with pockets full of talented actors. The main lead actors who were the reason for making the movie hit are:

  • Hip-hop Tamizha Aadhi as Gandhi, who was suffering from the serious problem of mental laughing disorder
  • KS Ravikumar as Gangster Dilli Babu
  • Sha Ra as Nelson
  • Iswarya Menon as Ankitha Suresh
  • Ravi Mariya as Sakaradas

These were the few picked-up actors who made the movie superhit.

Synopsis of “Naan Sirithal”:

The movie brought a very unique concept to the world of Tamil Cinema. It tells the story of Gandhi, who is suffering from an unusual disorder of laughing at serious moments, also called pseudobulbar affect. 

Because of this effect, he laughs at the very serious emotional moments where he is not supposed to. 

Gandhi is a very fun-loving guy whose life revolves around his girlfriend Ankita and a gang of friends. One day, when he was in search of someone, he got trapped into the underworld gang group of some don, which was led by Dilli Babu (played by KS Ravikumar) and Sakkarai (played by Ravi Mariya).

And rest of the story revolves around his laughing experiences which troubled him a lot in many ways. 

Disclaimer about the article:

Our page is not meant to promote any kind of pirated site. It is just helping those people who are in search of good content for fun. We are very much aware that piracy is a punishable offense under Copyright Act.

We are totally in opposition to piracy. And recommend you all to stay away from the pirated sites. 

If you don’t want to go through these ways, you can also take subscriptions to OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and so on. 

Meta title- How can we download the “Naan Sirithal” movie for free?

Meta description- If you are a big fan of Tamil movies, then tap on the link and download one of the blockbuster hits, “naan Sirithal” for free. In best quality. Get beware of the fake links and pirated sites. 


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