How to get Natpe Thunai Movie Download online

How to get Natpe Thunai Movie Download online
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About the Movie Natpe Thunai

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Natpe Thunai is a musical film in the Indian language directed during his directorial debut in 2019 by D. Parthiban Desingu, while the storey of the film, screenplay and dialogue, was written by Sreekanth Vasrp and Devesh Jeyachandran. 

The film stars Adhi, Anagha’s newcomer Karu Pashaniappan and Harish Uthaman, Sha Ra, Pandiarajan and Kausalya are produced under a Sundar C. and Kushboo under the Avni Movies banners. It’s about hockey sport.

This is Adhi’s second movie after Meesaya Murukku as a leading male actor (2017). He also scored the music, besides acting, while the films were handled by Aravinnd Singh and Fenny Oliver, respectively. The film was released with mixed reviews on 4 April 2019 but proved a triumph at the box office.

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Natpe Thunai Movie Plot Details

The joyful, happy, lucky youth of Pondicherry, Prabhakaran (Adhi), is solely seeking to move to France. For this goal, he goes to Karaikal but ends up falling in love with the hockey player Deepa (Anagha). Through her, he gets into contact with Shanmugam (Harish Uthaman), who is the local hockey team’s coach and a kind-hearted retired military man.

A company follows the stage of the practice of Shanmugam’s players and is assisted by local politicians (Karu Pazhaniappan). Shanmugam then learns from the plan for the firm to establish a factory on the ground that pollutes the adjacent rivers and harms its neighbouring villages. Shanmugam students should now play with the hockey team of Pondicherry and win the match to safeguard the ground from the corporation and Harichandran. 

When he selects players for his team, he becomes aware that Prabha was the Indian hockey team captain of the 2012 Indian Junior World Cup, who was prohibited for three years. Shanmugam rejects and recounts its background and his reasons for abandoning hockey when she asks Pragha to join their hockey team and help them win the game.

His childhood friend, Prabha and Azhar (Guhan Prakash), are both players. Prabha is in his squad an assailant, and Azhar is in the same team for defence. Once domestic selectors select him, Prabha enters the Indian hockey team and later becomes captain of the Indian Hockey Team 2012 Junior World Cup competition. Still, Azhar is rejected by the Indian Hockey Team and is asking his coach (Elango Kumaravel) to play hockey and his financial status.

This is why Azhar committed suicide in despair, and one of the friends of Prabha (RJ Vigneshkanth) loses his leg to a train while saving him. Prabha gets angry and beats up his coach, who has been banned for three years when he comes to this knowledge. Later on, Shanmugam decided to protest with the support of his pupils and local people against the company’s unit, but Hurricane used his dirty ways and avoided Shanmugam’s success. 

Later, Harichandran met Prabha’s previous coach for thwarting the hockey tournament team of Shanmugam. Prabha decides to go back to the hockey team after seeing the local people struggle. When they return, they observe Harichandran (who lost his post now) speak to the newspapers as glad about the triumph of Shanmugam’s side. 

He comes to Prabha and accuses the people of voting money and queries Prabha whether the people choose a good person for them without money, and Prabha cannot find a response. He is the guy who does the good for them.

How to get Natpe Thunai Movie Download online
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Natpe Thunai Movie Filming

Indiatoday said, “Struggles with social messages in the hip hop Adhi flick.” “A visually engaging and thrilling climax preserves this drama of running the mountain sports,” stated Sreedhar Pillai of Firstpost. “Natpe Thunai feels like a mix of threads from several films”, commented the Times of India. Wetalkiess presented Natpe Thunai 3 out of 5 stars.

This film was also referred to as wholesome entertainment for young people and families. South Film Companion “There was a mistake. The last game contains a couple of slightly exciting moments despite the poor editing. As a final hit, we are reminded that during elections, we vote responsibly.” The rating for “Sports Entertainer” is three out of five stars.

“Natpe Thunai looks like a mixture of storyline threads from several films” was rated in the Times of India by three out of five stars. Behindwoods rated 2.5 out of 5 stars “Natpe Thunai is an emotionally fascinating, enjoyable sports-political drama.” Hindu wrote, “Hip Hop Aadhi is punching ‘Natpe Thunai,’ especially in the direction of the finale.”

IndiaGlitz has rated 2.25 of 5 stars and stated that “Go for that, if you love Hockey and like Thamizha hip hop.”.” “This Aadhi star has all the predictable troops of a sports picture but can never cast shocks” was ranked by the Indian express in 2 out of 5 stars.

The News Minute ranked two out of five stars saying, “Sports drama isn’t a new feature on Tamil cinemas, but ‘Natpe Thunai.’ “The film stands between attempting to be an intelligence enthusiast and taking itself seriously, with a generous infusion of meme material from our social media schedules,” Cinema Express said 1,5 out of 5 stars. 

Times of Hindustan 2 out of five stars “At the same time, Natpe Thunai strives to be too many things—a sports picture, which also has a political subplot and is a social drama. Finally, it accomplishes nothing for any genre. 

How to get Natpe Thunai Movie Download online
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Natpe Thunai Movie Cast Details

  • Hiphop Tamizha Adhi is Prabhakaran 
  • Anagha is Deepa
  • Karu Pazhaniappan is Harichandran
  • Harish Uthaman is Shanmugam
  • Sha Ra is Sridhar
  • Pandiarajan is Arulbose
  • Eruma Saani Vijay is Bravo
  • Guhan Prakash is Azhar
  • Ashwin Jerome is Aasif
  • RJ Vigneshkanth is Prabha’s friend
  • Kausalya is sridhar’s mother
  • Elango Kumaravel is Prabha’s former corrupt coach
  • Bijili Ramesh is Bruce Lee
  • Ajay Ghosh is Deenadayalan
  • ‘Put Chutney’ Rajmohan is Prakash
  • Vinoth Kumar is Pandiyan
  • Pondy Ravi is Abdul Marakkayar
  • Mannai Sathik is Legend Mahesh
  • Deepthi is Deepa’s friend
  • Black Sheep Thyagarajan is a hockey Player
  • Tiger Garden Thangadurai is Durai
  • Poovendhan is Kadhir
  • R. S. Chelladurai is Sharbat seller and Aranganathan’s friend
  • Chutti Aravind is Harichandran’s PA
  • Prashanth Rangaswamy is Himself 
  • ‘Think Music’ Santhosh in a guest appearance

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