How to improve aim in Garena Free Fire? Can I download Garena Free Fire on PC?



    Garena Free Fire is a top online multiplayer action game from 111 dots Studio developer. Its official publisher is Garena so we call it Garena Free Fire. It is released almost four years ago in September 2017. In this game, the player fights a virtual battle with people from the world.  It includes multiple characters,  weapons, emotes,  skins and maps.  You can play it on both Android and iOS devices. The player can also play Garena Free Fire on PC by using an android emulator.

    How to improve aim

    Garena Free Fire is a famous action game and the players use multiple refiles in this game. In this game, the players with the best shooting skills win the game. We know that modern battles need high aiming skills.  In modern weapons, we can use many attachments for aiming purposes but along with these attachments we also need to improve our shooting skills to utilize these attachments properly.  There are also sensitivity settings in the game that also help you in this regard. So to improve your aim you must need some special strategies. Many of the players lose the game due to their low aim abilities.  In this article, we will share some tips and tricks to Garena Free Fire players to improve their aim. Read the article carefully and follow all these strategies. These strategies help you to kill the enemies and become the winner.  The players with strong aim abilities defeat the players with low aim skills.

    Sensitivity settings

    The sensitivity settings is a great role in the Garena Free Fire. These settings help the players on aim and headshot purposes. The proper settings increase your chances of killing the enemy by just one bullet. In sensitivity settings, you may find multiple settings.  You need to adjust all these settings for better results. You need to adjust the red sensitivity to 100 and the camera sensitivity to 80. In the “Advanced Settings,” the players just need to set the target settings.

    Get training

    We know that practice makes a man perfect. Garena Free Fire allows the players to get practice in the lobby.  They can improve their skills by getting more training. The players must train and improve their aim skills before entering the battlefields. In the lobby also practice for headshot, the headshot will help you to kill the enemies quickly and get more rewards. You cannot improve your abilities if you do not get proper training.

    Use Sniper Rifles

    We know that the Garena Free Fire is full of weapons. In the weapons gallery, the players can find multiple modern and advanced rifles. There are also different rang weapons are available like SMGs, LMG’s pistols, and snipers. We also know that sniper rifles are considered best for headshots and single-target attacks.  The sniper rifles have scope attachments that help the players to aim at the target.  Also, the range of sniper rifles is high than other weapons. For single target and headshot, the players must carry a sniper rifle along with other weapons. The  AWM and CG15 are the best snipers for long-range aim targets.

    Best Grip

    There is a great role of fingers layout in this game.  Complete control of weapons will ultimately increase your aiming abilities. So when you play this game you need a proper grip on game controls.  Place your fingers in such a way that you can control all settings quickly. In this way, you can utilize multiple controllers to increase your aim. So a powerful grip always helps you to improve your aiming skills.

    Crosshair position

    The crosshair position is also considered a good option for a headshot. Aim slightly above the enemy head and fire the rifle automatically downward on the head of the enemy. It increases the chance of your winning. In this way, you will be able to kill the enemy with a single shot. So for better aim, we recommend you to try crosshair position.

    All the above tips and tricks are applied and better results-oriented. So adopt these strategies for a headshot and better aiming.

    How to download and play Garena Free Fire on PC?

    Gardena Free Fire is a top-action Android game in which the players can perform if they follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks. All the players who want to become successful in the game must follow our tips and tricks. Billions of Garena Free Fire players use many devices to play this game. Most of its players own a smartphone and use them to play the games. But some also use tablets. Some do not want to play the game on smartphones and tablets and want to play the game on PC. The player who wants to play the game on PC must know that how to play the game on PC. It is very easy and simple and you can download it on PC by using only an Android emulator. Different kinds of emulators are available in the market. The players can download and install any Android emulator but the fastest Android emulator is LDPlayer.

    What is LDPlayer?

    We know that Android emulators are used to playing Android games on a PC or laptop. LDPlayer is an Android emulator and performs the same function. It has a fast system and lighter weight and the players can use it to play games efficiently. LDPlayer has the best settings that are not available in other emulators. It has high-quality game graphics and increases the player’s interest. It is a safe and fast Android emulator with the best interface.

    How to download LDPlayer?

    The LDPlayer Android emulator can be downloaded easily by every PC game lover.

    1. Go to the website of the LDPlayer Android emulator.
    2. Click on the given download button.
    3. It will take few seconds.
    4. Install it on your PC.
    5. Open the emulator and download your desired games by visiting the in-built LDstore of this Android emulator.


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