How Young Justice Nailed the Arrowverse’s WORST Villain


Vandal Savage is one of the greatest villains in the Arrowverse. SInce his debut in 1943 in the Green Lantern comics, his character has been appreciated by many readers. He was portrayed as an immortal who has been bringing destruction to the world before even the humans made it to the Earth.

The character’s failed on screen debut

But when his character first made it to the screen in the Arrow and Flash crossover (played by Casper Crump) in 2015, fans were beyond disappointed. He was portrayed as a creepy infatuated dude whose main motive was his crush on Kendra Saunders.

You can see how his character played out here-

When he made his return in Legends of Tomorrow, he was not particularly welcomed either. His powers were diminished and his logic seemed to be too off. It made it look like he did not gain any wisdom in all his years of existence. You can find the show’s trailer here-

Savage’s reincarnation

In Young Justice, on the other hand, Savage was far more accurately depicted. The character’s far-reaching influence throughout history was actually well portrayed, with the villain having imitated ruthless rulers such as Genghis Khan, Sun Tzu and Atilla. This also saw him having a connection to the tyrannical Darkseid in the ancient past, an alliance that was used to hype up the character in the Season 2 finale.

You can watch the show’s trailer here-

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