Hugh Grant Wants A Sequel To Notting Hill With Julia Roberts, But Fans May Not Be Happy


Lighthearted comedies have ruled as a dependable equation of idealism for very nearly a century. Indeed, we realize the person will get the young lady after some particular tricks. Furthermore, there’s likely going to be a wedding. However, hello, that can be said about most sports. Activity films have blasts. Passing is never excessively far from shows and there’s most likely going to be a mirror bounce alarm in a thriller. Extraordinary compared to other romantic comedies, time is Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. 

Be that as it may, it’s been some time since Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts have wandered back to their romantic comedy roots. Award played a major baddie on The Gentleman prior this year and by the sound of these remarks, the 60-year-old isn’t keen on another joyfully ever after if he ever returned to Notting Hill. In his words: 

I might want to do a spin-off of one of my rom-com that shows what occurred after those movies finished. To truly demonstrate the awful falsehood they all were, that it was a cheerful closure. I’d prefer to do me and Julia and the revolting separation that is resulted. With truly costly legal advisors, youngsters associated with the pull of affection, surges of tears. Mentally scarred until the end of time. I’d love to do that film. 

Alright, way brutal Hugh. Any other individual hear the weak hints of sad sentimental people wherever setting out a glass of wine? The entertainer said he is keen on getting back to his 1999 function of William Thacker, however as long as the film scatters a portion of the unreasonable assumptions regarding connections all the while. It’s simply a classic romantic comedy Hugh, just let us have this. 

Of course, I’d lie on the off chance that I didn’t confess to meandering into a bookshop and romanticize the experience. Did he simply grab my attention in the middle of the holes in the shelves? Would it be a good idea for me to wear a charming beret today… since that is what Anna Scott completely did when she met said bookshop sweetheart? 

Lighthearted comedies are syrupy, yet Hugh Grant isn’t totally off the mark here and the possibility of he and Julia Roberts getting back to their Notting Hill characters in any way would be welcome. It is entertaining to see William and Anna twenty years after the fact, with some authenticity infused to add groundedness to the story. Or on the other hand besides, the class. 

Hugh Grant’s remarks were said during a ‘Hugh and A’ over on HBO’s Twitter account in the advancement of the entertainer’s new show The Undoing. The entertainer additionally was as of late real to EW about being glad to have his romantic comedy days behind him: 

I’ve been doing these significantly more character-y jobs as of late and appreciating them, and they appear to function admirably. Furthermore, I would not like to return to the kind of doing an adaptation of Hugh Grant. I expected to discover an unmistakable person to be, not simply ‘knockout.’ 

Hugh Grant spent a lot of his profession is characterized by being the main man in romantic comedies and it bodes well for him to move away from it and not welcome it back so without any problem. Julia Roberts has additionally quit featuring in these sorts of motion pictures too, conceding she cherished chipping away at them, yet as she got more established she wasn’t as attracted to them.


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