Hulu Shares “Jurassic Park” Teaser Clip for Upcoming “Animaniacs” Revival


Hulu is bringing our childhood’s favorite series back. We all have grown up watching Animaniacs, and this cartoon still holds a special place in our hearts. So the streaming service has spared no expense for the revival of the upcoming fan-favorite cartoon show.

Aside from this, on New York Comic Con Metaverse panel, Hulu also shared a fun Jurassic Park-inspired trailer for its beloved fans. The teaser clip featured the Warner sister Dot, the Warner brothers, and many other characters.

The Animaniacs is back with a bang, and the animated series has proved it still has entertainment left for the fans. At the opening of the clip, Steven Spielberg’s zany 1990s love letter to the loony toons shows that the Warner sister Dot and the Warner Bros haven’t missed a beat.

Before six days of an NYCC panel on the upcoming series, the series celebrated the 22nd anniversary of their original cartoon’s finale. So all the video brims up for the fans of the original series can expect im the upcoming revival animated series. 

The panel also revealed that it found the voice actors from the original cartoon series in great spirits. It looks like the talented voice actors still have the enthusiasm to play their previous characters again. It was represented by newcomer co-executive producer Gabe Swarr as well as showrunner Wellesley Wild. They also believe that that fans will love the original voice cast too. 

Recently, Jess Harnell, the voice of Wakko, met the legend Friz Freleng and asked what is the secret for those cartoons to last for a longer period. Freleng said two things, one is that those cartoons were funny, and two, they did not produce the series just for kids. They make it for adults entertainment as well.

Showrunner Wellesley Wild revealed that bringing the beloved series back to life was very easy. They did not mess with the characters who had entertained the viewers in the 90s. He continued that 20 years back, one could spot a person wearing a Pinky and the Brain t-shirt. It clearly speaks of their love for the characters and how entertaining the cartoon is.

Final Words

The creators are bringing the series now because Wild feels that is what the people want. All they need some silliness, some comfort, some nostalgia, and more humor. One thing we are sure about the Revival series is that their comedy part would be still intact.

You can check out the Warner brothers, the Warner sister, Dot, as well as Yakko and Wakko in the clip added below. 

The upcoming episodes of Animaniacs will land on November 20, 2020, on Hulu. Also, check out our other articles for more news.


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