Hunters Season 2 – Let the Hunt Begin!

Hunters Season 2 – Let the Hunt Begin!
Hunters Season 2 – Let the Hunt Begin!

Hunters is an American crime drama web series released on February 21, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video. 

This show is produced by David Weil and based on a number of real Nazi hunters. It involves the diverse group of Nazi hunters living in 1977 New York City, and they want to create a Fourth Reich in the US.

Its first season consists of 10 episodes each of 1 hour except the first which is of 90 minutes and now its the time for the second version of Hunters.


Its main theme is that there was a secret group of Nazi Hunters which was fighting a clandestine war against the cabal of high-ranking Nazi officials who works to create the Fourth Reich.    

Though there is no confirmed update about the story of the upcoming season the basis on the storyline the ending of season 1 left with great cope of continuation of the story and so speculations are that season 2 will carry forward the journey of the previous season.

Hunters Season 2 – Let the Hunt Begin!
Hunters Season 2 – Let the Hunt Begin!

 On the same account, stories are that season might involve Millie and Jonah’s workforce. 

As Adolf Hitler is also alive so, maybe Nazi World War 2 occurs. Pacino was also killed by Jonah. At the end of the season, Offerman tries to kill Colonel so, maybe that topic will resume in the upcoming season.

What about Release?

As the shooting was also paused due to the worst situation of the world so, the official announcement has not been made for the release of season 2. 

As its first season was released on February 21, 2020, so it is obvious that the next season will not come before 2021.

According to the sources, the pattern conveys that the second season also consists of 10 episodes each of one hour.
Hence, we hope that Hunters Season 2 will came at the mid or end of the year 2021.

Some Astonishing Facts!

The name of the titles of season 1 was too amazing and confusing like “In the Belly of the Whale,” “The mourner’s Kaddish,” “At night all birds are black” and so on. So, all the fans are eagerly waiting for the titles of the next season.                                                                                      One more rumor was also spread that Hunter’s producer wants to make five seasons of his show Hunters.


As we don’t have any trailer yet so, it is very difficult to say anything about Casting. There is no announcement about the change or addition of any new member in Season2. 

Hence, we assume that all will reprise their role in season 2.

Logan Lerman will definitely back as Jonah Heidelbaum, 

Kate Mulvany as Sister Harriet, 

Tiffany Boone as Roxy Jones, 

Jerrika Hinton to return as Millie Memories

Dylan Baker will likely to return as Biff Simpson and many more will be seen with their fabulous dramatic and brawling acts.

On that note, stay connected with us, we will deliver all the latest update first!

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