Hydra was Agent Carter’s greatest mistake

Hydra was Agent Carter’s greatest mistake
Hydra was Agent Carter’s greatest mistake

Most parts of our time binge-watching series and shows are taken up by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A plethora of events and a line fill of characters it makes fans go gaga over its superhero movies and shows.

Today, I will update you about marvel’s most recent Wakanda Files and how Peggy carter became the crucial mistake spreading its effect on the entire Universe.

The classic foe in the world of Marvel Comics was first brought into revelation in Captain America: The First Avenger. Red Skull lead, this Nazi offshoot pursued Skull domination with the guidance of Tesseract. Luckily their story was put to a halt by Steve Rogers and Company.

During Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Captain learned that his sacrifice was for naught. While looking into the matter of Nick Fury’s investigation, a black widow and himself encountered the digitized firm of Hydra.

Hydra was Agent Carter’s greatest mistake
Hydra was Agent Carter’s greatest mistake

Hydra has tried many times to bring the world to his knees but the Marvel Superheroes have been successful in encountering them.

Hydra’s recovery according to the Wakanda Files can be traced back to Carter herself. The new book gas has been accumulated by Black Panther’s Shuri. One revelation was that strategic Scientific reserve into S.H.I.E.L.D and wanting Hydra threat to be over.

Though Hydra threats are still not over. New threats have been emerging and constantly living in the limelight. At this point in time, it thus felt that Hydra’s continued existence was a mistake. Carter although was spared the major guilt of mistake.

MCU critics say that both carter and Peggy could have done something differently as shutting down the investigation will be a difficult choice to preserve the current timeline.

It is now time for us to see what happens next in the story. What will be the upcoming twists and turns?

Let’s wait for the best!


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