Hypnotic – Release Date, Casting, Storyline and Is it Worth Waiting?


The horror and sci-fi content on Netflix is top-notch. On September 15th, the Night novels will be released, followed by the Squid Game on September 17th, and the second season of Lock & Key will be released in October. There will be a slew of new horror programs and films available on this streaming service in the near future.

Hypnotic is a lesser-known horror film that looks to be a psychological thriller. Hush and Oculus actress Kate Siegel will play the lead role in this film. The storyline of this Netflix film may be obvious to some of you, but the specifics remain a mystery. 

What’s the release date for Hypnotic?

Netflix made a commitment to its subscribers this year to provide a new movie every week, and the company has delivered on that promise thus far. The publication of Hypnotic, which is scheduled for October, comes just in time for Halloween. The release date has been set on October 27th, 2021. While there aren’t many images of Hypnotic to yet, moviegoers may look forward to the release of a trailer in the near future. After seeing the trailer, we’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the film as a whole.

There’s Someone in Your House, You Season 3 (out on October 15, 2021), and Night Teeth are all Netflix originals coming out in October. Guilty, a crime thriller will premiere on October 1, 2021, while Maid and There’s Someone Inside Your House, You Season 3 will follow on October 2 and 3, respectively.

Who will be casting for Hypnotic?

Siegel will play Jenn, a woman eager to better her situation in life. Siegel is married to Flanagan actor Mike Flanagan in real life. Some of their previous collaborations include The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor. On September 24, 2021, she will be seen in Midnight Mass, which will be released before to Hypnotic.

Jason O’Mara will be seen alongside Siegel. In the past, he’s been in shows like The Man in the High Castle and Agents of SHIELD, so fans may recognize him from those roles. Jason takes on the job as Jenn’s go-to hypnotist. Luc Roderique, Dulé Hill, and Jaime M. Callica, as well as Darien Martine, also feature in the film as Rollins, Gina, Scott, and Brian. There have been no character summaries till now. Filmmakers Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote are behind the camera, while Richard D’Ovidio is behind the pen.

What to expect from the storyline for Hypnotic?

There isn’t much information known about the movie’s plot. According to the Netflix summary, the film is about a young lady who seeks treatment from a hypnotist. After a series of rigorous sessions, she finds herself dealing with some unpleasant surprises. According to recently-released images, Jenn has run into some personal issues, which has led her to Dr. Meade. During the hypnosis treatments, something goes awry. When the trailer is out, we’ll know a lot more about this film.

Is it worth waiting for Hypnotic?

Synopsis claims that death is connected, which adds intrigue to the movie. Those who are looking forward to this film may begin formulating their own hypotheses about its narrative and keep a careful eye on the release date for this Netflix horror film. Who knows, it may be the ideal Halloween binge! You’ll have plenty of time to kill while you’re waiting.


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