I am not Ok with this: Recent Announcements


‘I am not ok with this’ is a movie based on Charles Forsman’s novel with a mirror name which was first released on 26th February 2020. An American comedy-drama and directed by Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall it gained attention and love from fans to become Netflix’s one of the most liked shows. 

It has a rating of IMDb. As per the approved plan, there were eight episodes to be made however they concluded in seven episodes. The story mesmerizes and holds the audience. Like most of the superhero stories, this is about a teenage girl who unexpectedly gets superpowers. With this sudden change in her life, she is shown struggling with her personal life and dealing with family, social, and sex life. 

Season one was ended on an open node. Sydney’s father’s identity was shown as a mystery in last season and what was her relationship with Dina was left unanswered too. Journey of Sydney is still on and season two too shall focus on how she handles further confusion in her life. Another expectation from season two will be to kick start from where it closed in the last season. Last season we saw Brad was trying to supersede by giving out all Sydney’s secret at the prom night.

I am not Ok with this: Recent Announcements

There will be most of the characters from season 1 to entertain us in season two too with Sydney the protagonist will be played by Sophia Willis. Then we can expect Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Barber, Rose Perkins as Maggie, Aidan Wojtak- Hissong as Liam, David Theune as Mr. File and Sofia Bryant as Dina.

Season one was a huge success which by design is good enough a reason to trigger the second season of the show. There is no official announcement about the same from the production unit and is obvious considering the current world situation. This era of pandemic has put a stop to everything and the entertainment industry is no exception to this. 

We should expect season two of the series but when we will get to know about the same will be a question that needs an answer. Till we get to hear something more about the series stay safe.!


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