If Bruce Lee could have completed the Game of Death himself, it would have been his best movie to date


The Game of Death was the last movie of Bruce Lee which he was filming before his tragic death. It was shot between August and October in 1972 and unfortunately, Bruce Lee died during the shooting of the movie.

During the filming of “Game of Death”, Bruce Lee had also received an offer to be part of “Enter the Dragon” which was produced by Warner Brothers at that time. And to the surprise, the movie was released weeks after Bruce Lee’s death. 

Enter the Dragon was his last completed movie which had made him a Legend forever. “Enter the Dragon” movie is known as the first martial arts movie and one of the greatest movies of all time in that genre. The movie’s turnover was 400 times than of its original budget which was unexpected and too huge. 

It is considered that The Game of Death was Bruce Lee’s dream project. He wanted to make this a very successful one. But there was only 40 minutes footage which was originally used in making this movie later and many other parts were misplaced during the production of the same.

Sadly, Bruce Lee died at the young age of 32 from cerebral edema as per the medical report. But people still believe that it was a planned kill and no-one knows much about this and how it happened. 

Later, the movie was completed by Golden Harvest. They had included the footage of the big fight where his part was major. There were originally 5 fight scenes, but they have only included three of them in the movie.

The fights were also narrowed down in the movie and at the end of the movie, only 11 minutes of footage has been used from the original set of sequences of the shoot. There were some clips which were taken from “Enter the Dragon” too to be used in the movie. 

After the death of the famous actor and Legend of all times Bruce Lee, It was a shock to the whole industry and later the movie was completed by a body double. Due to many hick-up in the way, the movie could only be released almost after 5 years of Bruce Lee’s death in 1978.

The base of the movie was the brainchild of Bruce Lee himself. It was planned not just to showcase the fights but to show the true essence of martial arts.

Truly if the movie could have been finished by the original star, it would have touched the sky. Alas! We lost a real hero.

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