I’m Late To Jason Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso But Man, It’s Awesome


TV+ has a good collection of TV shows to watch and has been emerging as a competitor to streaming platform giants such as Netflix and HBO Max. One of the hit shows of that platform is Ted Lasso, a sports comedy featuring Jason Sudeikis as a lead.

The plot of the show follows the life of Ted Lasso who is accidentally made a coach of a professional English soccer team. Never having coached soccer his entire life, Ted struggles to be up to mark. The whole series has a comedic undertone to it making it so much more fun to watch.

Social media has been raving about this show and many influencers have stated that this show is a must-watch as well. Following all this suggestion, we watched the show and ended up loving it! We know we are behind but we still would like to tell the few who haven’t watched the show yet why it’s an absolute necessity to catch up!

You can watch the trailer of the show here-


#1 Because Ted Lasso is a lovable dude!

Ted is one of those glass half full types of people who always manages to see the good in every situation. His character is full of conviction and doesn’t feel artificial at all. Everytime he is on the screen, our hearts fill with warmth and the way he deals with things is hilarious. Apple 

#2 You get involved with the characters

Usually, such optimistic characters don’t make a personal connection with the viewers but Ted Lasso does. Even the dysfunctional soccer team he is supposed to coach pulls a string in our hearts. We somehow want them to win. All credit for making the audience become intertwined with the show goes to Bill Lawrence, the screenwriter of the show.

#3 It is the typical underdog movie

At the end of the day we all watch shows to unwind and destress. What better show to watch than a feel-good one? Ted Lasso is one of those shows that makes you feel so elated and leaves you wanting more. We assure you that once you complete the show, you’ll feel like it ended too soon.

The good news is, the show has been renewed for two more seasons! And the second season will be released by August 2021.

We hope you liked our recommendation! Stay tuned with us for more such news!

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