Immortal Hulk Unleashes the Devil Hulk

Immortal Hulk Unleashes the Devil Hulk
Immortal Hulk Unleashes the Devil Hulk

Devil Hulk is probably the most destructive of all the Hulk personas and he has the same mindset as the Peacemaker. He is known to go to extreme lengths to bring back justice (sometimes the opposite of justice) even if it means a lot of collateral damage.

In the latest issue of #38 The Immortal Hulk, by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Belardino Brabo, Paul Mounts, & VC’s Cory Petit, the devil hulk has been finally unleashed and one can not even imagine the amount of chaos he is about to bring about.

Though Devil Hulk was never in the picture before 2000, he was enraged with the death of Brue in Civil War II and has since been in conflict with the other personas. But he has always been kept under control by the World-Breaker Hulk.

The arrival of the Devil Hulk

Immortal Hulk Unleashes the Devil Hulk
Immortal Hulk Unleashes the Devil Hulk

When the Leader, the recurring enemy of Hulk, proposes to make Bruce confront Brian Banner and the One-Below-All, the Devil Hulk breaks his chains at last. Upon seeing the Devil Hulk, the Leader is awestruck and is unable to even escape him. 

What will happen next?

Devil hulk has always had a sadistic approach and the strong will to escape Bruce’s consciousness and end this world.

But right now, he seems to be on the side of the angel. His main goal now appears to be the destruction of the Leader and protection of Bruce, both of which are wanted by us as well.

It would be even more amazing, though very unlikely if he is controlled after he finishes off the Leader. It is not an easy job as he is as intelligent as Bruce and at least 200 times stronger than the other Hulks.

Stay tuned with us for more updates!


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