In the movie Civil War: Tony Stark Recruited Spider-Man For Team Iron Man, Why?


It was in controversy when Iron Man tried to bring the Spiderman in his team in Captain America-Civil war. 

After quite a long time that Peter Parker has been introduced in Marvel Studios and has always seen in lone movies. Several franchises and for several years introduced only 3 heroes as the Peter Parker to date. It has stopped at Tom Holland as a spider man who was seen in the Civil war and then introduced into the Avengers. 

Here is the reason why Tony Stark recruited Spiderman in his team:

After defeating Ultron, Avengers had destroyed a lot of parts of Sokovia, due to which the United Nations wanted to control the Avengers team. The United Nations wanted to sign a deal with the Avengers for further actions.

Due to this, The avengers were divided into 2 parts: Iron man’s team who were willing to sign the deal, and Captain America’s team who doesn’t want to work under anyone. The United Nations considered Captain America’s team as a traitor and ordered Iron man’s team to bring them down. 

Iron man team were outnumbered and in the course of pressure from the system, Tony Stark was willing to take help from anyone who can do the work, and here is an emerging candidate for the exact role: Spiderman.

Spiderman was considered inexperienced but he had very unique abilities which makes him a special hero. In the course of the war, Iron man’s intention was not to hurt anyone from Captain America’s team and bring them down as quickly as possible.

To win the war, Iron man has to take very critical steps and in this case, Spiderman is considered as living non-lethal weapon which makes him suitable for the job. This is the main reason for which Iron Man introduced Spiderman to his team. 

Since spiderman was one of the youngest Avengers, so to protect him Iron man has given him a Spidey suit a special tech suit to enhance his skills and intuitions.

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