Infinity Train began with its third season by HBO Max, who switched to the Cartoon network. 

Despite being a cartoon targeted mostly at children, it was greeted with the same high acclaim as the first two seasons and continued the philosophical themes of the show. Infinity Train poses moral questions that lack a clear solution without referring to the targeted young audience. 

Although science fiction is a different genre, the topics discussed in Infinity Train are close to a critical honeymoon, Blade Runner.


Infinity Train does so; nevertheless, it is far more subtle than the disrespectful, Neo-Noir brutality of Blade Runner. This core theme starts in Stage 1 when Tulip joins a train to link her reflection to Lake.

Lake, previously referred to as Mirror Tulip, is tulip-resented because it is forced to live its life in imitation rather than life for itself.

In Lake’s life, Tulip sees the value and liberates her reflection from the mirror world and draws her into the training world. Although Tulip offers to take Lake on her tour, Lake is not going to do so.

At this point she stops also by Mirror Tulip because she wants to live her own life, separating for good with Tulip. Rather, for much of the second season, she goes by MT before landing on Water.

After Tulip confronts her concerns and gets out of the ride, the show continues following Lake until she figures out who she is and what she wants to be in life.

Like Blade Runner’s Replicants, Lake is being hunted by police who want to kill her for daring to want and be anything but what she is — and build the train to serve forever. For more follow this amazing cartoon series.


During the 3rd season of infinity train, rogue passenger Grace will continue to ask questions of a young girl, Hazel. Grace doesn’t respect the occupants and sees them as inanimate, whimsical objects. Grace joins up with Hazel, but when she learns that Hazel is just a denizen looking like a girl, her heart is broken.

Continued questioning about what is true and what is the meaning of Blade Runner in Infinity Trains. When IT is renewed for the fourth season, fans should expect more nuanced, introspective, philosophical issues, like the very best of science fiction, which challenges children and adults alike.

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