Intelligent Ending of The Invisible Man By The Steak!


Can you ever imagine that a steak can kill a man! Isn’t it scary! Hello buddies! Today, we’ve gone deep inside the suspicious and scary ending of The Invisible Man. It is an excellent science-fiction horror film scripted and directed by Leigh Whannell and based on the novel of the same written by H. G. Wells. 

There are some schools that add this novel in CBSE, English Course B and frankly, I also studied this wonderful book in my 10th Standard. This 2020, amusing film was produced by Jason Blum.

All About The Invisible Man!

It has a very interesting and amazing plot. In this a very intelligent scientific, wealthy and abusive boyfriend stalks his girlfriend and misused his knowledge. One day, her boyfriend performed an experiment and become invisible and then troubled her girlfriend a lot. 

The movie was premeired on 28 February 2020 in the United States but as after sometime the whole world gets imprisoned so Universal announced the film would be made available for digital rentals. 

The film earned too many positive reviews from critics and grossed over $134 million over a budget of $7 million and became the eighth highest-grossing film of 2020. Casting involves Elisabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Michael Dorman, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and so on. 

An Horrified Ending

As Griffin troubled his girlfriend a lot and imprisoned her so that she can’t run away from him and due to his ability of invisibility, whenever Cecilia trys to run she was caught red-handed and sometimes he also gave him wrong drug, so she can escape, but every time she failed. The most insane, ridiculous and grisly crime he done was slitting his own girlfriend’s sister throat in a crowded restaurant.                                                                                          

But, now its high time for Cecilia, as every girl have sixth intrusive sense which always alert her if something is wrong. Now, Adrian arranged a dinner for both of them and Cecilia agrees to meet him as they want to discuss about reconciliation. Adrian offers her choice of sushi, steak, or pasta and Cecilia choses Steak!

Now the question is why she choose Steak!

Don’t confuse buddy! We’re here to solve your queries only.  Firstly, a pregnant woman can’t eat uncooked fish so, sushi was cancelled. Now the choice remains between pasta and steak, she choose steak because steak is the only food which guarantees her to have a knife nearby. 

Ultimately, Cecilia uses that knife to slit his throat at the dinner table just like her sister was killed by him.

On that note, what we can say is bad intentions result in worst results.


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