INTERVIEW: Ron Marz and Andy Lanning Talk DC’s Justice League: Endless Winter


DC announced that it will be releasing a “Holiday Special” this winter where our favourite superheroes are put through endless winter! You can find some sneak peeks here-

The series will be released in nine installations and is being co-written by Ron Marz and Andy Lanning, two legendary comic book authors. Recently, this writer duo was interviewed by CBR regarding this upcoming series. Here we have made a concise summary of what was discussed there for all the busy and impatient souls out there!

What’s the biggest challenge in planning this kind of large-scale Justice League event, and is there anything you try to avoid in this kind of crossover?

The writers have worked on such huge projects before (Ron Marz on “Marvel Vs DC” and Andy Lanning on “Annihilation”) so it is not new for them but Andy Lanning did mention that getting all the art work and inking coordinated every week is quite tedious.

Why is the new Justice League Viking is special?

The plot of the series deals with the happenings of the past as well. So, to tell the backstory the writers needed some superheroes from the Viking Era. That is when Lanning pitched in his childhood favourite Viking Prince from the 1950s.

Is “Frost King” the only villain or can we see many more? Is Frost King a new character created for this series?

Frost King is an entirely new villain created to match the Justice League. You can find his picture in the link given above and one has to admit that he is quite intimidating. He is not the only villain featured in the series though. We can see Cat-Man, Icicle, Rampage, and Multiplex but they are not helping the Frost King in any way.

Will our superheroes be getting a new “frost suit” as well?

Batman and Wonder Woman will be getting a new makeover! But the other superheroes are not so fortunate.

Should the fans brush up on any old series to enjoy/ understand this one?

Lanning has assured that this series is complete on its own and there is no “pre-reading list”.

How would you describe the whole series in a word?

Marz: “fun”

Lanning: “pure comics”

They both assured that this series is one of the best ones they have worked on and they are positive that the fans would enjoy it!

We hope you enjoyed reading this news!

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