Into the Night Season 2 – A Unique Fight Between The Solar Body and Human Beings!


Hello Guys! Have you ever thought of fighting with The Sun! I don’t think so! But, today, we will fight with a star present at the center of our solar system named as Sun. 

Into the Night, the first-ever Belgian series released on Netflix, created by Jason George and based on one of the best Polish Sci-fi novels ‘The Old Axolotl’ which was scripted by Jacek Dukaj. It is an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller series produced by Entre Chien et Loup Belgian Company.

What is present inside the story!

The whole show is set on a plane that was hijacked by a NATO officer while boarding from Brussels and he wants an early take-off. 

The main source of light is the Sun, becomes the enemy of the planet and kills all the living organisms by its powerful sun rays, so the plane was flying towards the west where no sunlight is present. 

During this dystopian journey, they came up with many problems like fuel shortage, irradiated food, etc. In season 2, fans are waiting to watch the solution to this grand problem. 

In this season, some conflicts may arise between the newcomers and existing survivors. So, let’s see how all the members present in the aircraft will overcome the global issue.

What About Airing of the Flight!

On 3 September 2019, Netflix announced the first season of this Belgian series with 6 blasting episodes. And on 1 May 2020, the series premiered on Netflix with a bunch of six episodes of almost 35 – 40, minutes each. This show is available in three, different languages; French, Dutch, and English. 

The first season had earned great ratings and loved by the audience a lot. After the great success of season 1, Netflix renewed the series for its second installment on 1 July 2020. So, season 2 is on its way! There is no update about the proper release date of season 2 but, as per the state of the world, season 2 will release at the end of the year 2021 or the beginning of 2022

As season 2 is away, so those who didn’t watch season 1, go and watch it right now. You can also check out the trailer of season 1 here, 

Utterance on Season 1

Season 1, has earned great reviews because of its unique story and thrilling experience. Despite its apocalypse storyline, this season will entice the viewers all around the world.

According to rotten tomatoes also it got an 88% approval rating with an average rating of 7.7/10. People also post many positive and amazing comments on Twitter.  

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Fans are very curious to know whether people will unite for the greater good in season 2 or will self- interest tear them apart!

To know the answers to all possible questions, Stay in touch with us!

What about the mysterious casting!

Majorly all the characters of the first season will reprise their journey in season 2, with their stunning acting and dramatic dialogues. Some of them are:

Pauline Etienne as Sylvie Bridgette Dubois who plays the role of the former military helicopter pilot and saves everyone’s life.

Laurent Capelluto as Mathieu Daniel Douek who is a co-pilot.

Stefano Cassetti as Terenzio Matteo Gallo, is a NATO office who hijacked the plane.

Mehmet Kurtulus as Ayaz Kobanbay who is a mysterious Turkish man.



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