Iris Theory Can Change Everything In The Plotline For The Flash, Checkout To Know More

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The launch of “The Flash” on The CW in 2014 signalled the beginning of a daring new age, since it was the first hint of the channel branching out beyond the Green Arrow on “Arrow.” 

Since then, the world has expanded to include series like “Supergirl,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Black Lightning,” “Batwoman,” and, most recently, “Superman and Lois.” In the years afterwards, “The Flash” has gone from being the new kid on the block to becoming the longest-running series in that world that is still on the air.

Grant Gustin stars as Barry Allen, who develops super-speed as a result of a particle accelerator accident. 

He adopts the alias The Flash to aid in the fight against criminal metahumans in Central City, along with a cast of supporting characters that includes Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen, whom Barry married in Season 4, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, and Jesse L. Martin as Joe West. While “The Flash” is in its seventh season, it remains unafraid of huge paradigm leaps, and a new idea regarding Iris has the potential to revolutionise everything on the show.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Iris May Soon Give Birth To Speedsters Kids

“The Flash” Season 7 Episode 11 finished with Iris and Barry deciding that they both wanted to create a family. However, that family may be arriving sooner than anybody anticipates, since it has been speculated that Iris may shortly be revealed to be pregnant.

There are both huge and minor indications in this respect, the greatest of which is, of course, the tale of the birth of the forces, which has been the season’s major plot. 

The programme has been open about how Iris and Barry co-created the forces, and how the forces perceive them as parents, necessitating the pair stepping into such a role to resolve their tensions.

However, authors have thrown subtle indications, such as Kamilla mentioning that Iris had a glow when the Central City Citizen team was searching for the Speed Force earlier in the season.

The most significant influence this might have on the programme is the expansion of the Flash squad. Barry’s children in the comics are Bart Allen and Nora West-Allen (via Screen Rant), both speedsters. 

Nora had previously appeared as XS, a speedster from a timeline that was later destroyed, and Barry’s concluding comment in Episode 11 was “I adore that impulse,” a cheeky homage to Bart’s alter-ego in the comics.

Because both characters are in the main timeline and have no present access to the multiverse, it’s possible that Bart and Nora will be here to stay when they arrive.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Team Flash May Get New Members Who Will Be There For The Long Haul.

While there have been previous speedsters on “The Flash,” none of them have lasted on the squad for long. Wally West, Iris’ half-brother, is the most notable, though Jesse Wells (Harrison Wells’ daughter), Jay Garrick (another Earth’s speedster), and the aforementioned Nora West-Allen are all notable. Each character has either had their own experiences, died while attempting to preserve the multiverse, or been deleted.

With Bart and Nora being Iris and Barry’s offspring, and nothing threatening this reality, there’s a good chance they’ll be here to stay.

This, in turn, may alter the team’s dynamic. It has been demonstrated that while battling with Wally or Nora, Barry and Squad Flash are more successful with a second speedster on the team. 

If nothing else, it may imply that Barry can take a day or two off from being the Flash, allowing Bart and Nora to monitor the city and deal with dangers on their own. At the very least, villains would have to re-calibrate their approach to accommodate numerous speedsters rather than just one.

When “The Flash” returns for its seventh season on The CW, we’ll see how this dynamic affects the programme and its characters.

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