Is An Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 3 On Its Way To Netflix? Here’s What The Producer Said

Is An Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 3 On Its Way To Netflix? Here's What The Producer Said
Is An Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 3 On Its Way To Netflix? Here's What The Producer Said

Reality TV shows based on unsolved mysteries have been around for decades now. But they never go out of style. Netflix’s newest show, Unsolved Mysteries is probably the best show ever made in that genre.

The show has been created by the same people who created the original Unsolved Mysteries show back in the 1980s. The show had over 14 seasons and was a huge hit.

The Netflix adaptation has been produced by the same producers who produced Stranger Things as well! We can expect nothing short of a masterpiece from such a successful team.

The first volume of six episodes was aired on July 1, 2020, and was a whopping success. (You can watch the trailer of the show here Following the season’s hit, it was renewed for the next installment went live on Netflix on 19 October 2020. (You can watch the trailer of the show here

The timing of its release was perfect as people generally craved thrillers during the Halloween season. This season was well received too. So fans started questioning if there will be a third season.

The producer of the show Terry Dunn Meurer said in an interview, “We have thought about it. We have ideas. We have some really great stories that we feel are strong stories. So, we are ready to tackle that.

Production is starting to come back and with a lot of Covid protocol for sure. It takes some time for us to develop the stories and scout the story’s outline, the story’s people before we actually go into production.

There hasn’t been any official announcement about the third season but it has been said that there is going to be an Unsolved Mysteries podcast!

We hope this news made your day!

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