Is bingo becoming a trend amongst young people?


    More and more young people are turning to games of Barbados Bingo. While this is good news for the industry, some cynical players feel that the influx in younger players is only a trend which will inevitably fan out.

    Social Events

    There has been a bigger push for social events that young people would be interested in. Before the global pandemic it was not uncommon for bingo halls to host themed event nights to try and draw young players in, the surprising thing is that these event nights were working. More young people than ever before we’re choosing to go to their local bingo hall. These social events placed a bigger emphasis on music and drinking than a typical night at the bingo hall, the social side of the game was also heavily promoted. Students in particular were attending these events, finding that for a relatively small amount of money they could have a whole night’s worth of entertainment. Something that is important for students as they tend not to have a lot of money to spare. 

    Online Bingo

    Without a doubt, online bingo has been a large factor in the increase of younger people enjoying bingo. For some, the typical image of bingo involves old people down the bingo hall but with online bingo that image has been changed. Online bingo gives young people the chance to enjoy the game without having to worry about being stuck in a room with people twenty years older than them. Online bingo is also surprisingly suited toward young people. With erratic and often irregular schedules, young people are less likely to be able to set a specific time each week to go to the local bingo hall. Thanks to online bingo they don’t have to worry about this, they can play whenever they want from wherever they want! Online bingo also has a bustling community of players that are incredibly welcoming to newbies, something which is sure to attract the younger generation. 

    Bigger and Better Prizes 

    There are bigger and better prizes available to win playing bingo, whether this be a life changing sum of money or a simple stuffed animal. The prizes that you can win playing bingo have not gone unnoticed by the younger generation. Online bingo in particular can offer jackpots of staggering amounts of cash, as young people are more likely to play online bingo this is something which would have attracted them to the game. 

    New Bingo Variations 

    There are new variations of bingo which have made it easier for young people to get involved and enjoy the game. Obviously online bingo has made the game much more accessible for younger players but there are other things to consider. Bingo offers games with a different amount of balls, a variety of different prizes as well as themed event nights involving music and drinking, all of which are for younger players. 


    With the push for younger players, it would be unfair to describe the increasing numbers of young players as being a simple trend. What industry heads must be aware of is that to compete with the other interests of the young, they mustn’t remain static but instead keep adapting and evolving.




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