Is Dash and Lily having yet another season on Netflix?

Source: Seventeen Magazine

The American romantic comedy television series Dash & lily has not been renewed for the second season. However, owing to its tremendous popularity among its fans, we do expect Netflix to soon renew it for yet another season. The series has been set during the Christmas holiday season and focusses on the lives of two teenagers who live in New York City.

There were eight episodes involved in the first season and its highly likely that the second season may also consists of eight episodes. The series has been created by Joe Tracz whereas the music to the series has been given by the very well-known Dan the Automator. In addition to that, the series has been executive produced by Phile MacIntyre, Brad Silberling, Josh Barry, Nick Jonas, Shawn Levy, and Joe Tracz.

Source: Netflix Life

The show has been produced by Karl Frankenfield whereas the man behind the cinematography of the series is none other than Treml. Another important aspect of the season had been its cuts and edits which are done by Jane Rizzo, Robert Nassau, and Joe Giganti. The series had been under development under Boy Detective Inc., 21 Laps Entertaiment, and Image 32.

Even though the second season of the show has not been confirmed yet, we may expect the following cast members to return to the show:

  1. Midori Francis as Lily
  2. Austin Abrams as Dash
  3. Troy Iwata as Langston
  4. Dante Brown as Boomer
  5. Patrick Vaill as Mark
  6. Keana Marie as Sofia
  7. Leah Kreitz as Aryn
  8. William Hall as Santa Claus – Uncle Sal
  9. Michael Cyril Creighton as Jeff the Elf – Door Queen
  10. Ianne Fields Stewart as Roberta


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