Is DC Super-Pets release delayed? Let’s figure out what all do we know about this pet movie.

Is DC Super-Pets release delayed
Is DC Super-Pets release delayed

An adaption of the comic series by DC Comics, Super-Pets made its first appearance in Adventure Comics back in 1962. It’s a fictional team of Super pets. The team of Super pets comprising Krypto the Super-Dog, Streaky the Super cat, Beppo the Super-Monkey, and Comet the Super-Horse. 

All of these members appeared separately in the comic book series back then. The Warner Bros planned to showcase an anime featuring these pets having superpowers on the likes of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The anime will also feature a super horse, a super kangaroo, and a monkey too. 

The fictional story revolves around alien creatures referred to as Brain Globes. They plan to move the planet earth to their own solar system and to succeed they have to defeat The Superboy. To defeat the Superboy, Brain Globes calls upon The Legion of Super-Heroes and mentally control them to defeat the Superboy. Brain globes releases his control on the Legionnaires once the Superboy is defeated. The Legions then realize that Globes cannot control animals, the Legionnaires then gather super pets to battle the aliens. 

Is DC Super-Pets release delayed? Let’s figure out what all do we know about this pet movie.

In July 2018, Jared Stern was on-boarded to write and direct the animated film. Warner Brothers and DC Comics announced that the children’s animation movie will be released in May 2021. However, the makers recently confirmed that the release of the movie now is deferred by a year and now will be released in May 2022. Warner Bros seems to have quite a number of projects lined up with The Joker hitting the theatres on October 4, followed by the release of The Batman and The Suicide Squad. 

The production house has to reschedule a number of their projects due to the Global Pandemic coronavirus. It led to production delays and a lot of ongoing projects and releases got impacted due to the lockdowns. Sources from the production confirmed that they have rescheduled lot of their other projects and if everything goes smooth the anime movie will be hitting the theatres in May 2022. 



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