Is It Possible to watch Bo Burnham’s Inside in Theatres now?


If you can’t find “Bezos I,” you’re not alone. It’s the soundtrack to Bo Burnham’s life: the comedian made his first Billboard Top 10 appearance inside. However, you most likely only saw Netflix because the musical comedy special was released during the pandemic, which inspired much of its content.

Fans of “Inside” can now see it in a group setting, as Netflix and Iconic Events have joined forces to present the theatrical special across the country on July 22. You should act quickly because only one theatre is showing at the locations I checked right now, and some are sold out. Many theatres across the country are selling tickets.

Iconic Events shook hands with Netflix

“Iconic Events is thrilled to bring Burnham’s eloquent and groundbreaking musical comedy to film theatres,” said Iconic Events CEO Steve Bunnell, who collaborated with Netflix on the special stage to share all the laughs and incredible music.

Burnham’s development of the special may be more authentic and will increase the musical aspect of the show as it is seen in a theatre as “Inside” at home watches. The ability to provide cathartical experience, including ringing from foreigners about depressive spirals and the dark side of the internet.

Source : looper

Burnham fans are likely to recognise the lyrics to songs like “White Instagram Women,” “Sexting,” “Bezos I,” and “Unpaid Intern.” “Bo Burnham: Inside (The Songs)” was released on June 9 and were at No. 1 on the Billboard comedy albums chart. By the end of the month, it had climbed to No. 7 on the Billboard Top 200.

During the pandemic, Burnham wrote, directed, shot, and edited “Inside.” The one-time project allowed the internet comedian to reflect on the absurd darkness of the previous year as well as privilege, identity, and the millennium’s new thirties. The collaboration with Netaffix is ongoing. It also includes his other stand-up specials, “what” and “Make happy.”


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