Is Netflix Actually Making A Live-Action Berserk?

Source: Looper

Dark Horse first published Kentaro Miura’s dark, medieval-inspired comic book series “Berserk” in the United States in 2003, making it a notable early example of a Japanese manga translated for American audiences.

That was also the year Viz Media launched its American edition of Shonen Jump, a comic anthology magazine that featured the American premieres of iconic series like “One Piece” and “Naruto.”

The fact that the latter two series are arguably more well-known than “Berserk” is possibly due in part to the fact that, while “One Piece” and “Naruto” are more family-friendly, “Berserk” is highly graphic in both its original comic book form and subsequent anime adaptations.

Despite its popularity, “Berserk” has never been turned into a finished piece. The first season of the “Berserk” anime series ended on a cliffhanger that has yet to be resolved. After a two-season run that ended on a cliffhanger, a 2016 anime adaptation has yet to be continued.

This latest adaptation of “Berserk” was widely panned by fans, making the possibility of a sequel all the more improbable.

A rumour recently circulated that Netflix was planning yet another adaptation of “Berserk,” this time as a live-action film. The news of a live-action adaptation of “Berserk,” like many reports, is unsubstantiated by official sources.

There Will Be No Glory If There Are No Guts

The root of the live-action “Berserk” movie rumour, according to the blog What’s On Netflix, was a fan’s Instagram mock-up of what a poster for such a film would look like. They used a Netflix logo in their mock-up, ostensibly to give the fake movie poster an official appearance.

The poster, on the other hand, was never meant to present the possibility of a Netflix “Berserk” film becoming a reality. In the caption that accompanied the photo, it was stated flatly that the post was “a joke.”

The same fan, however, posted their mock-up to Twitter without the crucial qualifier.

Despite the fact that they included a disclaimer on their Instagram post stating that the poster is unofficial, responses to the widely circulated tweet seem to show that at least some of those who saw it believed it to be real.

In other words, Netflix will not be making a live-action “Berserk” film. However, the fact that a fan-made movie poster can generate widespread interest suggests that there is a large audience for such a project. Although this is far from a guarantee that “Berserk” will be adapted into a live-action film, it does show that at least some fans are interested in seeing it.


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