Is Promised Neverland Manga ended? What is the ending of the anime?

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The Promised Neverland, as fans might already know, is one of the most popular stories out there. The theme that the tale as a whole represents, that thrill and psychology elements, is generally what the audience craves. The Promised Neverland dropped out for all the fans back in December of 2016. As of right now, a piece of sad news came our way.

The Promise is being written again by Emma and thus, the body of the entire show is now coming to an end. Recently we witnessed that the chapter ‘Beyond Destiny’, that is, chapter 181 came out and concluded this great manga series. The story revealed how Emma as well as the entire group came back together in their real-world after they have been teleported to another reality.

The Promised Neverland surely had that soft vibe ending that is pretty popular in anime. The aesthetics were especially awesome and we saw how Emma was standing behind, taking it all in, while the other kids were rushing towards the ocean. The last chapter picked up exactly from the point where the 180th came to an end. The readers witnessed that Emma has finally decided to move on with her life and acknowledges the fact that gaining her memories is something beyond her control.

All this while, we really should handsome credit over to the family. At first, they were trying to search for her in a variety of countries from this world. Until one fine day, a thought just popped up in their head to look for Emma in the countries that have stopped existing. The next few panels of the manga made all the audience feel quite good with their color theme and setting (it was all like a film). Unknowingly, Emma and Ray stumble upon each other’s path.

This is when Emma comes back to find the necklace that she has lost and at the same point in time, Ray comes back because he has a premonition. Well, hats off to the creators for doing it all and how the two groups finally found each other. This has happened after two years of constant toil and patience. We, as fans enjoyed the story a lot as it had all the plot twists and indeed an ending that it truly deserved.

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The manga puts a full stop to its story when Emma finally meets the kids. The best theme that was employed in this chapter was hope and positivity. It is because even though there is a potential war going on at the place where these characters reside, they are content because of how they are together now. Also, Emma does not seem to remember any of her memories from the past life but still chooses to be with the kids.

The ending has to be declared the happy one. I mean, the link that connected the demon and the human world has now been closed and even the kids are together with each other. All this while, we sure do agree that Emma seems a bit unlucky at the ending.


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