Is Tana Mongeau Dating Francesca Farago? Here’s What We Know So Far


Tana Mongeau has done it again! The entire internet is talking about Tana Mongeau and Francesca Farago. Rumors have been swirling about Las Vegas-based model, musician, and Youtuber is dating Francesca Farago. She stars in Netflix’s show Too Hot To Handle. So are these two dating or are they just friends? Read more to find out.

Are the dating rumors of Tana Mongeau Francesca Farago true?

If you are following Tana Mongeau on her social media, then you will be well aware that she is openly bisexual. She has dated many celebrities in the past. Sources reveal that she was also in a relationship with Disney Actress Bella Thorne. Recently, she ended the fake marriage with the YouTube sensation Jake Paul. The couple stayed together for a few months before separating in January 2020. 

After splitting up, Mongeau began to spend more time with Paul’s older brother Logan. Rumors began to spread about their relationship, but Logan clearly stated in a video that they just hung out to make his younger brother jealous.

On the other hand, Francesca Farago broke up with her Too Hot To Handle co-star Harry Jowsey. Furthermore, she also claimed that they fought, and he never cared about her. Jowsey just said that he was no longer in love with Farago. Recently, Francesca and Tana were spotted in a restaurant celebrating Cole Carrigan’s birthday. This incident took place during the 4th of July weekend at celebrity hotspot Craig’s in West Hollywood. Anybody could have sensed that something is cooking between the two.

Is Tana Mongeau Dating Francesca Farago? Here’s What We Know So Far

Moreover, they were also seen holding hands the entire time, and they looked like an item. Sources also reveal that they were inseparable throughout the evening. The rumors turned out to be true when Tana posted a picture of them together on her Instagram story in the night. However, we still aren’t sure whether they are actually dating or it was a joke. She uploaded another picture with Francesca and Hayley Cureton and captioned it “Too hot to handle girlfriends”. Well, the news doesn’t end here.

At the end of the party, Francesca also uploaded a picture with Mongeau stating “My beautiful date”. We are still unable to conclude if they are serious or just having some fun. There are also rumors that both spent some quality time together on the weekend. But don’t you think that as close friends, they are spending a lot of time together? Or maybe they like each other, but they haven’t realized it yet.

We aren’t jumping to any conclusions, but that’s what it looks like from the pictures. It may look like Farago and Mongeau are smitten with each other, but we will have to wait for them to announce their relationship officially. But as we know, Mongeau is the queen of faking relationships, she might just be trolling the internet. Whether they are dating or not, it seems like they will be seeing each other more often now. We will let you know if we find more news about the two.


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