Is the newest film directed by Tamra Davis about “Slinky”?


We all know “Slinky”, the cute timid but a brave toy dog from the movie Toy Story. Also, some Slinky must’ve been a part of our childhood growing up too. But did you know that it had a rich history?

Well, I didn’t either. The toy dog was originally designed by Betty James and her husband but their company did not go well. And one fine morning, Betty’s husband left her with six children to feed and a bankrupt company to revive.

And mind you, this was in the 1950s when the whole world was trying to push women back to their subservient lifestyle since the war was over. But despite the tough situation, Betty James managed to admin a highly successful company which created a toy that would be found in every kid’s play crate.

This unusual rags to riches story is a perfect example of the American dream and who is better to tell the story than the beloved Tamra Davis, the Australian film director who has won many Academy Awards and has directed hit movies like  Billy Madison and some episodes of Gray’s Anatomy.

She recently confirmed in an interview with Variety that she “immediately connected with Betty James.”  and felt so grateful for the opportunity she got to make such a film.

The film will be produced by the toy company “Just Play” and written by Chris Silvertson, Abu Carli and Christina Curbelo. The production of the film is scheduled to start by 2021.

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