Is the second season of The Haunting a joke compared to the first one? 


Hello, Cinephiles! Here we are with the latest update on the Haunting series. It is a Netflix original, first premiered on 12th October 2018 and it was a huge hit. The supernatural drama series features a modern adaptation of horror novels set in the past in an anthological order.

And two years later, the sequel to the series has been released, and does it hold up to our expectations? Read the following to find out!

First season’s success:

The Haunting House of Hill House is the adaptation of the Shirley Jackson novel which featured the lives of children who grew up into adults in a haunted house.

The show got a whopping score of 8.7/10 on IMDb and a 93% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes making the Hill House the most well-known haunted house in America.

You can watch the trailer here-

Well, as you can see, the expectations were pretty high.

Initial reaction to season 2:

The trailer was released a couple of months back-

And it got an overwhelming response. It met the expectations fans had for the show and got them excited. But we’ve seen way too many misleading trailers.

When the series released, fans were not as stoked about the gore-factor. Its predecessor made our spines chill and never allowed us to forget the show for weeks but the sequel didn’t do that. But it was still worth the watch because its storytelling was amazing!

If you’re a lighthearted person, this season is just for you.

The plot of the second season:

The Haunting of Bly Manor is based on Henry James’ horror novella The Turn of the Screw. This series is also created by Mike Flanagan. The series consists of 9 episodes with a running time of 55 minutes each.

The plot follows the life of a young governess who is hired to look after two kids in a country house. Things go smoothly until they start seeing apparitions.

Comparing the two seasons:

Well, the reactions revealed that there are no second thoughts on the storylines and on the roles of characters. But what made the first season stand out more was how scary it was. 

Season two got a good score of 8.5/10 on IMDb but it’s too soon to calculate the score as it’s still fluctuating but one can assure that the second season is a must-watch as well. Just don’t keep your expectations at the hilltop (pun intended).

Do let us know your views on comparisons and keep following us for the latest spicy updates from the world of entertainment.


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