Is there a different ending for the Game of Thrones book series ending?

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The writer knows that the next best thing to write is to talk about writing. You finished your essay for the day if you can’t write, but you were cheating on your book. No one is better than George R.R. Martin, the most famous writer’s block in contemporary literary history in this high-fire deed. 

Martin has provided an additional advance report on The Winds of Winds, the last part in his epic series, for Game of Thrones fans on pins and needles, but this time he is teasing the finish. In an interview, Martin stated that the end of his books would go a bit further than the HBO series.

Fans of the TV series can delight in the news because they certainly recall the contentious ending of the programme. Martin, on his own, regrets that the novels and the TV show were sequenced at the end of Season Five when the TV series usurped the book franchise.

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“I hope I would keep ahead of the books looking back,” stated Martin. “I had four books already in print when I launched the [TV] series, and the fifth came out just as the show debuted in 2011. I had a head-starter of five books, and they are, as you know, big books; I never thought, but they would catch me.”

The fifth-year concluded in a memorable and typically bloody manner. Brienne executed the Stannis, King’s Landing was expiated by Cersei, and Jon Snow died at the wall. The occasion marked a marine transformation in Martin’s work.

“They hijacked me and went over me,” stated Martin. “It was a little unusual because the show was now ahead of me and the show went somewhat differently. I’m working on the book yet, but when that comes out, you’ll see my ending.”

In the current progress report of Martin, you’re not alone in that observation if you noted a noticeable absence of a time limit. Readers ask for an update on when The Winds of Winter will expect to happen, but Martin is unwilling to supply one, much like any writer on time. It should be remembered that Martin is a renowned slow writer; he started writing Game of Thrones in 1991, while his last episode, A Dance With Dragons, lasted six years.

“I’m not going to forecast when I’m going to end,” stated Martin. “Whenever I do, web bastards interpret it as a ‘promise,’ and then look forward to crossing me as soon as the deadline is over. I’m all going to say I’m lucky.”

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