IT: How Star Wars Surprisingly Inspired a Character’s Name


Who would have thought a connection between Stephen King’s IT and Star Wars? It seems like the fantasy epic inspired a character’s name. Just imagine what it would be like to have a crossover of two films?

If we look at the big picture, then it fits perfectly. As we know, Pennywise comes from a different universe. In this read, we will find out how these two flicks have a connection.

What would be like when Han Solo make-outs with Princess Leia and later on, she morphs herself into Pennywise and shouts “Kiss me, Kiss me”? Sounds crazy, no? Luke Skywalker might approach Yoda to take lessons, but what if Yoda offers him a red balloon?

Unfortunately, there is no connection between the films. But one thing is sure that the IT film and book indirectly got inspired by the former film.

How Is Stephen King’s IT Character Name Got Inspired From Star Wars 2

In It: Chapter 2, adult Beverly Marsh visits an old lady named Mrs. Kersh in an old house in Derry. So Stephen King named the character after the late Irvin Kershner, director of The Empire Strikes Back to pay him a tribute. Back then, King used to meet Kershner occasionally.

During the shooting of the sequel in 1980, the film’s crew had nicknamed him as Kersh. 

King was there during the filming, and it was a complete coincidence. Sources reveal that the writer was on his way to visit the set of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation of The Shining. And coincidently, it was shooting right next door to Irvin Kershner film.

When King found out that the second part of Star Wars film was filming nearby, he went to the location to check out.

Later on, he started visiting the Star Wars set more often and got acquainted with the cinematographer. Kershner was a popular director at that time, who also directed Never Say Never Again and RoboCop 2. Sadly, he passed away when he was 87 years old in 2010.

We can imagine King getting a chance to meet the Puppet of Yoda on the Star Wars set, who has now become one of the prominent characters in the film franchise.

So the viewers who know Mrs. Kersh in IT 2 was named to honor Kershner. After taking a look at his book, the character is also speaking like Yoda. So now it all makes sense. Yoda got featured for the very first time in the first Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back.


In the IT 2 film, Mrs. Kersh revealed the scary side of her to Beverly Marsh. However, King wasn’t reflecting the true evil nature of the evil lady with the late Director Kershner. He just wanted to involve him in a part of his film to honor him.

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