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Jumanji 4 is in the works, which will be the third instalment in the newly revived Dwayne Johnson-led franchise, as well as the fourth overall. In 1995, the late Robin Williams starred as a young boy who is stuck within the terrifying board game until he reaches adulthood, at which point he is accidentally brought back.

The film wasn’t exactly a box office smash when it first came out in North America, but its worldwide success guaranteed its reputation as a blockbuster. Jumanji became something of a cult classic in the years that followed, and with Williams’ untimely death in 2014, a new appreciation for the film seemed to develop. When the news of a new Jumanji film starring Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black was first revealed, some fans of the original were understandably worried. Fortunately, the latest sequel was well-received, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle shocked both critics and fans with its intelligent, well-crafted continuation of the film. The cast returned two years later for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and fans have been secretly hoping for more since.

While it took just under two years for news of a fourth Jumanji film to arrive, fans can now rest assured that Jumanji 4 is on the way. According to a recent interview with Hiram Garcia, president of production at Seven Bucks Productions, talk of a fourth Jumanji film is “100% ” happening. At this point, all is still in its infancy, but Garcia appears to be very enthusiastic about the franchise and the team that has committed itself to making things bigger and better.

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Garcia said, “You know, we’re always having conversations, and that’s a family, that entire group if there’s ever been. It’s hard to imagine or remember a time I’ve been on a set where it’s just a beloved group of cast and crew and actors and that’s just one of those things where we know we have a really big idea that we want to do with it. We’ve been discussing it. There’s conversations have been going we’re in the process of moving that along. I can’t tell you anything, but we do have big plans for it and that’s one of our favorite projects to work on and that’s cooking away.”

Garcia says the fourth film will have a “really big idea” Jack Black has previously said that he will return to acting. The actor has previously stated that it’s definitely in the cards. It will be interesting to see how the film handles the issue of Jack Black’s apparent retirement from acting. It’s unclear if the entire cast will return, but fans will likely want the whole cast to return. The last two Jumanji films have been successful successes, with the most recent being 1995’s “Jumanji: The Next Level”


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