It Is Inspiring To Work With Millie Bobby: Said Adeel Akhtar, The Enola Holmes Star


For all the Sherlock fans out there, watching Enola Holmes is going to be very exciting. It is going to come out soon and fans just can’t wait to watch Millie Bobby Brown, the stranger things star in the character of Enola Holmes. 

The movie will have Sherlock played by Henry Cavill and Mycroft Holmes by Sam Claflin. Adeel Akhtar, one of the casts of Enola Holmes said that he respects Millie Bobby Brown and her work. 

Adeel Akhtar On Working With Millie Bobby Brown 

The character of Inspector Lestrade is portrayed by Adeel Akhtar. His character has to handle Enola’s wit and sarcasm. Lestrade is not really fond of Enola in the movie. 

However, talking about Adeel Akhtar, he seems to adore and appreciate Millie Bobby Brown. He said that meeting someone in their late teenage years and watching them understand the world much more than what you did as a teenager, is great. 

Adeel said that Millie is just sixteen years old and the way she carries herself is appreciable. Having such a huge production around her and the feasibility she brings during the whole thing makes it very inspiring to work with her. 

It Is Inspiring To Work With Millie Bobby: Said Adeel Akhtar, The Enola Holmes Star
It Is Inspiring To Work With Millie Bobby: Said Adeel Akhtar, The Enola Holmes Star

Getting inspired by such a teenager is a great thing. Adeel always looks for more positive aspects in others and an actor like Millie inspires thousands of other teenagers, looking at her success at such a young age. 

Adeel Akhtar On Playing Lestrade 

Adeel said to prepare for his role as Inspector Lestrade he decided to watch all previous Sherlock movies and shows. He said that would help him understand the character more. 

He said he just wanted to know what Lestrade’s background is and what more he can add to his character. Lestrade is a person with humor and wit who underestimates Enola and later has to face her. 

His character as we also have seen in the past Sherlock movies and shows has always been with high self-esteem and very comical.

Now we will have to wait for the movie to watch how different is Adeel’s Lestrade. 

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