It was hard enough to shoot Jane’s death scene in Breaking Bad!!

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Breaking Bad is one of the iconic classic dramas that has gained a lot of fame and popularity. We have seen how the high school chemistry teacher builds up a methamphetamine empire after being diagnosed with cancer. The amazing series completed its five seasons with high ratings and reviews. The best thing about the series was its cast and crew team that gave more than 100% contribution. 

Remembering the epic scene from the series!!

We all know the fact that the role of Jane Margolis was loved by everyone. Jane was involved in a relationship with Jesse Pinkman and her portrayal created plenty of moments of levity. Further due to some complicated matters, she grew up as a desperate person. 

One of the most heartbreaking moments of the whole show was in the twelfth episode where Jane met her demise. It happened when Walt came up to Jesse’s place where he found Jesse and Jane passed out but suddenly Jane rolls onto her back and for a minute starts choking on her vomit. There was a chance for Walter to save Jane, but in a confusion of whether to protect them from the exposure of drug use or to save Jane, he saw Jane dying in front of his eyes.

Source: The Independent

Krysten Ritter has something to tell about the scene!!

Playing the character of a person and filming for a death scene is a different thing. In an interview in 2021, she revealed a lot about the scene saying that she knew Jane would die but the scene at the time of the shooting hit her differently. While reading the script, Ritter thought the scene to be funny but the actual shoot to be something not funny. The death makeup and the scene after this was where Bryan was sitting behind and watching her was intense. She added that she would never forget it. 

Not only Ritter, but Bryan Cranston was also traumatized while shooting for Jane’s death. It was difficult for Bryan to shoot the scene as many things were going in his mind. Another fact that made him sadder was that he was thinking of Jane as her own daughter who was in her teens while the shooting of that season. He was seen getting emotional while saying about his experience in the scene.

We know it is not easy to shoot such things and hat-off to all those who contribute and act like this just for our entertainment.




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