It’s Official! Cole Sprouse Confirms Separation From Lili Reinhart


Cole Sprouse has confirmed the separation from fellow actor Lili Reinhart in an Instagram post. He only has loving words for his ex-girlfriend.

Cole Sprouse (28, “Five Feet Apart”) has officially confirmed the separation from “Riverdale” co-star Lili Reinhart (23). “Lili and I first separated in January of this year and decided to split up permanently in March,” Sprouse writes in an Instagram post. Also, he published an atmospheric picture of his ex-girlfriend in a forest looking up at the sky. It was pretty evident from the statement of the actor that he considers himself lucky to have been through this whole experience of being in love. 

Sprouse also emphasizes that there is no bad blood between the two: “I only wish her the very best and luck for the future. Everything else you will hear is not important. Sprouse also mentioned about a new film project done by Lili and expects her to outshine as always’’.

It’s Official! Cole Sprouse Confirms Separation From Lili Reinhart

Separation Rumors Were In The Room.

Previously, “Page Six”, the gossip portal of the “New York Post”, reported in May that the couple had separated and each allegedly went into isolation alone. The relationship between Reinhart and Sprouse turned from friends to lovers due to “Riverdale”. The length of the relationship has often been speculated. “Page Six” speaks of almost three years.

Repeated rumors about their separation have emerged so far, which the ex-couple has denied several times. In July 2019, the stars made fun of these rumors.

However, there is no bad blood between the former dream couple: “They remain good friends.” It is not the first time that reports of a relationship between the actors have made the rounds. Already last summer there was speculation about an alleged separation.

At least Cole was not impressed by it at the time. “I don’t care about the talk. That’s normal in our business,” he said in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight.

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