ITV’s Finding Alice fate revealed beyond season1

Courtesy: ITV Hub

There’s a big surprise in store for the audience. Recently ITV has confirmed that finding Alice will be released soon in the second series. Alice lover must be waiting excitedly for the new release. The series this time will be Starring Joanna and  Keeley. 

In this comedy-drama, we will see that the death of Harry Alice’s will be followed. This is going to become very interesting and exciting for the audience. Finally, it will be revealed that Harry who was Alice partner for the last 20 years will face an unfortunate fall from the stairs. The stairs of their same fancy new home which they have designed

Now, this is so ironic that will leave the audience in confusion about whether to laugh are be sad!

The other cast of this new series includes stone, Isabella, Gemma, Jason, Havers etcetera. Apart from this, it has also been reported that the shooting of the upcoming scenes of the new season will take place in February 2022. 

This means that the fans still have to wait and to be patient see their favourite heroes on the big screen! This means that still there is one year left for things to begin and take place. The reason behind this is that presently Alice is focusing upon deciding to give birth to her dead husband’s baby. so nothing can be done but the audience has to hold their heart and wait for some more time!

Everybody is so happy and excited to get on with the filming of the new season. In one of the statement, Hawes said, “I am so pleased to be reuniting with a brilliant team behind finding Alice for a second series and we’ve been honored to hear from so many viewers who have related to Alices experience of grief, and look forward to sharing the next stage of her journey.” 

The statements reflect that although the audience is very excited and eager to see the upcoming season still they are also showing their condolence towards Alice.

In another statement, the executive producer said that she was delighted to tell the audience about Alice’s real-life story with Roger and Simon Which was increasingly complicated.

Courtesy: Digital Spy

So hold your heart for the blockbuster of the upcoming season finding Alice. The entire cast and crew have given their 100% to bring lively feeling into the terrific Story of the movie. 

So just a few days of wait and you will witness the best of anything that ever happened to you during the lockdown. The fantastic storyline and the crew are going to attract everyone’s attention. But the question is how long this wait will continue? Stay tuned to get the latest updates.


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