Jacqueline Jossa discusses possible EastEnders return

Source: Digital Spy

After addressing a potential return to Albert Square in a recent Instagram Live video, former EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa got fans really excited.

Jossa, who played Lauren Branning on the classic BBC soap, quit the show three years ago. Lauren leaves Walford for a new life in New Zealand in the novel.

She mentioned on Instagram that ‘the timing will have to be perfect’ for her to return to EastEnders.

“It will only happen if all the Brannings returned at the same time,” she said. As a result, EastEnders will have to want all of us back.”

Source: MSN

Unfortunately, Jossa’s on-screen father, Max Branning (Jake Wood), recently left the show, making her plan seem unlikely.

However, in response to her video, fans have been speculating about her return to the show.

Fans who watched the live stream left messages such as “We love you Lauren” and “Come back to EastEnders” in the hopes that Jossa will listen and talk with the BBC about her part.

With “lots of Lauren mentions lately” in the episode, fans have speculated that Lauren might be reintroduced to the storyline.

Others wondered why Lauren was listed at all if she wasn’t going to return.

Jossa has previously expressed interest in returning, revealing in October that she would only return if she felt her fans ‘missed’ her.


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