Jacqueline Jossa from I’m a Celebrity answers Dan Osborne’s recent claims.

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I’m a Celebrity winner, and EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa has responded by claiming that she is not jealous of her job to the current rumours about her marital relationship with Dan Osborne.

Jacqueline has developed and later worked with In The Style online fashion brand since she won a Celeb in 2019.

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Jacqueline’s husband – former cast TOWIE member Dan Osborne – jealous of the latest effort by ‘Enders actress,’ along with the attention she has received from fans online has been claimed by recent tabloid claims.

Jacqueline has just set her record by denying the rumours, and her representative is saying OK! So no, Dan doesn’t feel ‘sorry’, and he doesn’t have any jealousy.

The couple’s fans won’t be surprised to hear that the Jossa-Osborne household is all right and that Dan has opened up recently following earlier fraudulent rumours.

He remarked last month, “Any errors have been in the past now. “We are still strong in our chemistry. I’m not soppy, but when I first met her, I think she’s as astonishing as I did. That’s what makes things work, and we understand each other.”

Dan added, showing how the two of them have been locked together: “We’re getting on well and bantering. I think it says a lot to be imprisoned into a house with someone for one year and cannot go out or do anything.” The show airs on ITV.

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