Jai Courtney on why he wants to do the role like evil villain


We all have seen Jai Courtney as action hero like Jack McClane In A Good Day to Die Hard and Kyle in Reese in terminator: Genisys. His new role in the new Lian Neeson- led thriller Honest Thief as a bona fide evil villain. On this he will be making a step into a darker place.

“It’d been a minute since I played a strict villain, and I guess that was a lot of what had to do with my attraction to the role. I love this kind of genre, I love seeing these movies, and Liam is obviously such a legend.

I’ve had the opportunity to dance with some of these kind of legendary action icons before”, said Jai on why he wants to do roles like strict villains.

Along with it, it is confirmed that Jia will be returning to play Captain Boomerang in James Gunn’s upcoming The Suicide Squad.

The movie, The Honest Thief is releasing on October 16, 2020, it will be interesting to see Jai Courtney playing the hardcore villain. It will be amazing to see the reactions of the fans and their remarks on it.


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