Jameela Jamil changed after A Good Place!!

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Jameela Jamil born in London, United Kingdom, is an actress, model, and writer, but along with this, she is also an activist and a radio presenter. She played the role of Tahani in A Good Place. 

What changed her?

The Good Place is a sitcom written by Michael Schur that premiered in September 2016 and sadly lasted for just four seasons, which was quite disappointing for the fans. The show was criticized a lot since its release because of its unusual storyline where the afterlife is explored, which was a little too much for some audience. Though fans were disappointed because the show didn’t run long and ended with just four seasons. There were high expectations from the show because Michael Schur is a successful creator and his previous creations include all-time favorites like The Office and Parks and Recreation. 

The fourth and the finale season was plotted well to end with a good conclusion. In this season, every character was given a chance to say goodbye to each other as well as the audience which got too connected with them. The ending was emotional, it had an impact on everyone related to the series, including viewers and people who were behind the scenes. Jamil was majorly affected by her character and was never the same after it. Let’s find out why?

Jameela Jamil was affected by Tahani’s emotional family reunion on the show!!

The Good Place is about a character’s personal growth and transformation. Every character is made to evaluate him/her throughout the show to learn to protect themselves from the Bad Place and serve humanity. 

The most remarkable transformation is of Tahani’s because it is very meaningful. She finds out that she is in the Bad Place when she realizes that her life is influenced by jealously towards her family’s accomplishments. To fix that, she was supposed to learn to throw away all the resentment towards them. In the final episode, she meets her sister and parents in the afterlife where she enjoys every moment with them, unlike they did on the Earth.

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Tahani’s farewell!!

Besides the satisfying conclusion of a happy reunion with the family, Jameela Jamil was more affected by Tahani’s farewell with Michael. All other main characters get into the gate-away to non-existence while Tahani chooses to be in A Good Place and work as an architect. Seeing her capabilities, Michael gifts his favorite bowtie to her. This was a memorable yet sad farewell.   

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