James’ betrayal by Craig is addressed by Coronation Street actor Colson Smith in a police racism story.


Colson Smith, who plays Craig in Coronation Street’s police racism episode, has commented about Craig’s betrayal of James. During a test drive, Craig’s colleague PC Brody pulls over James Bailey and his brother Michael.

In part, because Craig decides not to stand up for his pals, James files a racist complaint against PC Brody.

“Craig had been called to a task as a back-up, not understanding what it was or who was involved,” Colson Smith recounted. His two neighbours, Michael and James, were with one of his coworkers as he rounded the corner.

In his ignorance, he observed James lying on the ground, plainly injured, and sought to calm the situation and figure out what had happened.

“He spoke to Michael and PC Brody, and he felt as if he had been inundated with information, both from his neighbour and from his coworker.” Assuring James’s well-being and obtaining an ambulance were his top priorities.

Craig’s relationship with PC Brody, who is “older” and “more experienced” on the force, was also addressed by the actor. Because of the disagreement, Craig will be pulled between his career and his allegiance to his Bailey friends.

It’s a predicament that Craig doesn’t want to be in, Smith said, and he doesn’t know what to do. Because his PC Brody colleague is exerting pressure on him to say one thing when James and Michael suggest that it’s not the whole truth, Craig needs to decide what his reality is, and he’s not sure how to get there.

In an attempt to fill in the gaps, Craig tries to explain what he has seen but cannot do so. To himself, he must remain genuine.”

On top of being the correct thing to do, Craig will soon realise that he has no choice but to conclude that PC Brody acted unfavourably.

“Craig realises for the first time in the police station that there may have been unconscious bias towards James and Michael,” she said.

As a result of PC Brody’s influence, Craig realises that this situation is much more complex than initially assumed. James warns him that if he does not take care, he will become a part of the issue rather than a solution.

Craig and the viewers would be able to see how minorities are targeted every day due to unconscious bias.

Craig, a neighbour of James and Michael, is aware that they were not driving erratically, as reported by PC Brody. “There is something wrong with this circumstance,” Smith said.

Because PC Brody keeps mentioning James and Michael’s racing back at the station, Craig realises that this isn’t just an innocent miscommunication.

“Unconscious prejudice becomes apparent at this point, and his comfort level plummets as a result. PC Brody puts pressure on him at work, and James and Michael question him on the street, so he doesn’t know what to do.”

Smith remarked, ” A more senior colleague, who is older than Craig, should not be allowed to influence Craig’s judgement. In situations where he feels overwhelmed, Craig’s instinct is to do nothing, ignore the problem, and hope it will all go away on its own.

“Craig, on the other hand, has always been able to discern right from wrong. Therefore it wouldn’t take long for him to do so and reach the right conclusion. “



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